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Where to Use Accent Colours to Effectively Enhance Your Space

A lot of homeowners like to play it safe in their design by going neutral. They blend white, black, and the various shades of grey inside the house. When executed nicely, neutral interiors give you a sophisticated and timeless look. You won’t bother to update it unless you have extra dollars to spare.   One…


How to Make your Hallways Better than any other Hallway

Thou shalt not forget the hallways. It is as special as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining areas. These spaces connect rooms together, hence, you have to design it like how you design the livable areas of your home. Make them come alive with these tricks on your sleeves: Rugs Rugs add instantly adds…


Think About These Things Before Migrating to your New Office

You start to feel the excitement of moving to your new office once you finally negotiated your terms of the lease. That ideal space you saw in an advertisement is now the home of your business! You start thinking of the future—how this space will improve operations and how this investment will drive profit in…


These are the Real Deals About Building a Corner Block Home

Let’s say that one of the available lots in the subdivision where you want to live offers you a corner lot. If you take it, you’re surely building a corner block home.   Now, much has been said about building your home on a corner block. Some love it because it’s accessible. Some hate it…