Superdraft Structural provides geotechnical engineering services in collaboration with geotechnical consultancies Australia wide for a wide range of our clients including developers, private building companies, project builders, architects, building designers and general public.

Superdraft Structural can get field investigations, borehole drilling, sampling, laboratory tests done and can provide you with soil reports including site classification and soil mechanical parameters, stability of sloping sites, soil treatment solutions and other recommendations which suits your project. Due to the volume of our projects across Australia, all our services are highly cost-effective. Our highly skilled engineering team works closely with geotechnical consultancies in providing timely and accurate soil test results.

We cover a broad range of geotechnical engineering services for your project:

Site Classifications

Site classification is required to design the footing and ground slab for your development. As a one-stop-shop we can engage geotechnical consultancy to undertake soil testing for your development and provide soil report as a basis for footing and ground slab design in our structural engineering department.

Site Stability Assessments

Site Stability Assessment is an essential requirement for sloping sites where there is a risk of landsliding. We can get a Geotechnical Consultancy to investigative and assess the stability of sloping sites relating to landsliding issue and prepares engineering designs for the appropriate remedial works.

Fill Assessments

Sloping sites are generally being levelled by cut and fill to incorporate architectural requirements for construction pad. If it is required to assess the compaction level and adequacy of existing fill material to found a structure on it, we are here as one-stop-shop to engage an expert geotechnical consultancy to assess the quality and strength of fill material to enable our structural engineering team to provide the most cost-effective solution for footing and ground slab design.  


If piling is required to transfer loads to a stiff layer of soil, or if it is required to support and protect a construction site under significant loads as a retention system, as a one-stop-shop we can engage an expert geotechnical consultancy to provide temporary or permanent piling design for your project.

Ground Treatment

If ground treatment is required for your development due to low bearing capacity, loose soil material or deep uncontrolled fill, we can get the specialised team of a Geotechnical Consultancy to provide ground treatment design to improve the founding material.


Footing Probe

If additional loads are to be transferred to an existing ground slab or footing due to extensions, floor addition or structural alterations, we can get a footing probe done to determine the depth and type of existing footing. Our structural engineering team can then assess the existing footing to ensure it is adequate to carry the additional loads. If it appears that strengthening is required, our expert structural engineers will conduct strengthening design using usual methods such as underpinning.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments

If there is a risk of bushfire at the area of your development, Bushfire Attack Level(BAL) should be determined as required by Australian Standards. As a one-stop-shop we can engage expert consultancies across Australia to undertake a BAL assessment and provide required parameters for our structural engineering team to minimise the risk of fire on your development.    

Wind Classifications

Our structural engineering team would apply wind loads as required by Australian Standard AS4055 together with other gravity and lateral loads to design your project. Wind classification determines the wind loads to be incorporated in the structural design of your project.

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