Personalised, Practical and Affordable Residential Architecture from Superdraft

Every residence should support the most important human needs. At Superdraft, we believe that thoughtful, considered residential architecture should also strive to improve daily life with functional style.

Beautiful homes create beautiful neighbourhoods, and eco-friendly practices create a brighter future for all Australians. The best residential architecture should inspire place and belonging, should honour lifestyle and identity, and should capture the ethos natural surroundings while creating a comfortable interior. We’ve achieved this on the following projects:

  • High rises
  • New homes
  • Renovations
  • Townhouses
  • Terraces
  • Housing developments
  • Mixed-use spaces
  • and many other original residential architecture projects

We bring experienced, reliable and timely service to every residential project we’re invited to work on. That’s because we know what a high priority building projects are for our clients.


Superdraft—Australia’s Trusted Choice for Residential Architectural Services

At Superdraft, we’ve spent years recruiting the most innovative and experienced designers and Architects. We prize those who think outside the box, and who apply this ethos to their design work. We’ll find a custom team that will understand your residential project, and make your dream home happen. Our architectural, drafting and IT departments provide exceptional service and unparalleled value to Superdraft clients.

Our designers and engineers have completed over 3500 projects for clients across Australia since our inception in 2011. In this time, we have become likely the largest team of architects and designers operating in Australia. A commitment to environmental responsibility and eco-friendly policies  means savings and security for you and your family in the long run.


Over 3500 Projects and Counting

Look through our portfolio to see key features from our wide range of completed residential and commercial projects. You’ll also be treated to a peek into the future of Superdraft through our works in progress.

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