11 Key Ingredients of a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Let’s talk about the must-have features of this loved interior design style.
11 Key Ingredients of a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Imagine a kitchen that remains clean, beautiful, and airy despite all the busy cooking. This is how a mid-century modern kitchen looks like. The simplicity, usability, and uncluttered space will be advantageous in the kitchen.


Considering to adopt this style in your kitchen? Here are the key design elements.


1. The architecture

Mid-century modern rooms have trademark components. These are sloped ceilings, wood panelling, and large windows. You’re off to a good start if these elements are already in your kitchen.Don’t worry if you didn’t have all three checked on your list. This penthouse condo has no sloped ceiling, but the designers made it 100% mid-century modern. They went for an open plan format to give the kitchen an unblocked source of daylight. They covered kitchen joineries and posts with timber veneer panels too.

2. Timber cabinets

Wood gives a natural and rustic warmth to a mid-century modern kitchen. A solid wood cabinetry is nice, but it will demand a large budget. Good thing there are more affordable options like wood veneers. It’s becoming popular. Plus, there are lots of wood species and colours to choose from.

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3. Glass fronts

Do you want something different from a timber veneer cabinetry? Try glass-front cabinets. It’s perfect for displaying your collection of chinaware. In this kitchen, the designers used tinted glass fronts to keep the cabinet insides from looking cluttered.


4. Exposed brick wall

From cabinetry options, let’s move on to the walls. Do you have bricks underneath the plaster? Expose them! You can also use brick cladding to give your walls texture and character.


Here, the exposed brickwork makes a real statement in the apartment, along with the mid-century furniture and lighting.

5. Eye-catching splashback

With everything tamed down, a patterned and coloured splashback will steal people’s attention.READ: 8 Kitchen Splashback Options for Crisp White Interiors


6. Wallpaper with quirky, whimsical patterns

Apart from a fun splashback, consider using a patterned wallpaper on your walls.

7. Foolproof furniture pieces

Put bar stools in your kitchen so your guests can eat and hang out around the kitchen island. This is a practical way to go if you want to entertain people in your kitchen.

8. Eat-in dining area

Cut the trip from the kitchen to the dining room by designing an eat-in kitchen. Carry the mid-century style through to the dining table, chairs and lighting.

9. Statement light fixture

Lighting is vital to the feel, functionality and style of the kitchen. Invest in a mid-century light fixture and hang it above your dining table and kitchen island.

10. Colours from the 50s and 60s

Mid-century modern kitchens with a pop of colour look great and exciting. Choose your accent colour wisely. Pick something that you can tolerate for a long period of time. Here, the designers used red to accentuate the kitchen island and blue to decorate the dining area.FYI: Mint green and orange are the popular colours during the 50s and 60s. These colours can liven up a crisp white kitchen. Just use them in moderation.


11. Locally designed accessories

Don’t forget to decorate your kitchen with gorgeous accessories! Display lovely and functional items on the shelves (e.g. ceramic and glass jars). We also recommend using decor that reflects nature and the country’s rich culture.  What do you think about this kitchen design? Share your comments below!

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