4 Tips On Lifting Queenslanders that’s Worth Following

You’re planning to raise your Queenslander and build liveable spaces on the ground floor. Here are our tips!
4 Tips On Lifting Queenslanders that’s Worth Following

The classic Queenslander is one of the most sought after home architecture in Australia. It is more than 200 years old, but it never went out of style. We love this architecture’s old world charm. We adore its beautiful wrap-around verandahs and the ornate mouldings around doors and windows. However, we can’t deny that the design of Queenslanders today are evolving to address our changing needs and modern lifestyles. Designers are lifting Queenslanders higher to allow air to flow underneath and keep the house cool all year around. Homeowners are wanting to enclose the space underneath to create more space.

If you own a Queenslander and you’re thinking of raising it and building extra space underneath, you’re in luck. Here are tips straight from our raised home experts. Keep these in mind before you embark on this project:

Find out how high you should go

If you’re building a livable space down there, you must raise your home to meet the minimum living requirements. You may opt for higher ceilings as well. But, check if your initial plans first to see if it adheres to the building codes.  

It is important to establish the height in the early stages of planning. It’s hard to change this once construction is under way.

Be prepared for any delays

Raising a house involves a lot of structural work like re-stumping, laying a new foundation, and building works to construct new rooms. In most cases, you also need to do electric and plumbing works.

The length of construction depends on the extent of the work. If you’re raising a massive Queenslander, expect the work to last for a a few months.

Sweat the details

When all the structural work is done, your builders will work on the details of the house. Think of the iconic mouldings and other intricate details inside and outside the house.

These details make a Queenslander home unique and special, so sweat the details!

Think of updating the interior design

When the ground floor work and all finishing touches are done, you might find yourself wanting to change the interiors. Maybe changing wall colours or laying wallpaper to make the house look fresh. You may change all your tapware and door knob with vintage ones, so the overall theme of the house is old-world and charming.

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