6 Bathroom Renovation Tips

A bathroom renovation often has many factors to consider. Here are six tips for the first-time bathroom renovator.
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A bathroom renovation often has many factors to consider. With homeowners having to note down everything from budget to space allotment and materials, unless you are a professional who works on renovations regularly, renovations for any room can be difficult and stressful. But if you have an idea of what to expect and what to consider, bathroom renovation need not be that complicated.

Here are six tips for the first-time bathroom renovator.


Take note of renovation costs.

As with any renovation project, you have to consider your budget and how far your budget can go. Talking to a professional can help put your expectations into perspective, so that you can plan for the size of your bathroom, the materials you will be using, and the amount of labour required for your project.


Understand standard bathroom dimensions.

It helps to know key measurements, such as the size of a typical bathtub, the dimensions of a toilet, average countertop height, and how much your sink will add or take away from that height. Knowing these dimensions can help you plan the use of your bathroom space.


Plan for your vanity.

Contrary to what most might think, vanities require planning, as they are more for function than for looks. You need to pick the right vanity size for your bathroom’s traffic and storage. You will also need to consider your vanity’s material to avoid maintenance issues.


To vintage or not to vintage?

The point in bathroom renovation is often to upgrade its look, but you may consider leaving some original details. Some old details, such as wall tiles in older homes, may be difficult to remove and add to your labour costs. You may opt to consult a professional to see how vintage finishes can be used as a decorative focal point in your bathroom.


Use good finishes.

Since bathrooms are generally smaller spaces than most rooms, a few high-end finishes can make the difference in making your bathroom look sophisticated. High-end finishes also tend to be more durable, which is always a plus, especially in a bathroom that you plan to use often. But be sure to take note of the combination of these materials, such as where the hardwood will meet the tile floor. You might need to work with a professional to properly connect the space between two different materials.


Plan for moisture removal.

It is important to have more than one way to dry out your bathroom to reduce mold and mildew. Talk to your architect about your bathroom fans and vents as well as your windows.


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