A Rustic Modern Loft With Easy Care Interiors

Here, we feature a rustic modern loft with beautifully exposed brick walls and wooden ceilings.
A Rustic Modern Loft With Easy Care Interiors

A lot of homeowners buzz about rustic modern interior design. They like the combination of the old world charm and modern design. We like this style. It packs a lot of character.

Here, we’ll show you a loft with rustic modern loft interiors. It features a historical period home with modern amenities. It’s got an informal elegance in it — and you might love it because of that.

Exposed brick

Rustic modern homes boast their preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. Here, it’s the brick walls and the wooden ceiling. As you can see, these two elements bring out the rustic charm in this home. These are the most important features of this home.

The thing is, if you live in a period home, you want to preserve the character and the architectural details. Show off the beauty created with time! Embrace it! You are the only person who has it. No one else in your neighbourhood does.

Timeless interiors

This rustic modern home has an open floor plan. The colour scheme is simple; composed of sand, beige, black, and grey.

Big windows

The large windows bring nature and an ample amount of daylight in. This feature enhances both the rustic and modern sides of this home.

Modern amenities

The point of this design is to give a period home the convenience of a modern home. That is why everything in this home is modern; from the kitchen, dining, living, and up to the bedroom. In this house, the designers used mid-century modern pieces. They streamlined the design, so it doesn’t contradict with the exposed brick walls.

Simple fabrics

One thing that makes this home comfortable is the fabric. Look at the upholstery, rugs, and linens. There are simple fabrics with no prints. There are rugs with colourful designs. If you like this design, use neutral furniture, then go wild with the fabric accessories.

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