NSW Residents Willing to Pay More for Green Homes this 2018, Study Reveals

Did you know? Sustainability is one of the NSW homeowners' top priorities.

Residents of NSW want to live in green homes, a recent study revealed.

Allworth Homes surveyed more than 500 people living in NSW to find out what homeowners look for when buying or building their homes.

 Their study found out that sustainability is one of the NSW homeowners’ top priorities. In fact, they are willing to invest in home designs incorporated with solar panelswater heating systems, electrical loading, and cross ventilation.

In addition, the majority or 64% of the respondents, whether first time home buyers or downsizers prefer a spacious home. People from all age groups are more attracted to living in the regional NSW than the inner cities, where houses are smaller, more expensive, and surrounded by traffic congestion. Aside from regional NSW, future homeowners also eye on Sydney suburbs such as Blacktown, Fairfield, Edmondson Park, Campbelltown, and Liverpool.

The researchers believe that the desire to live in outer suburbs and regional areas rooted in the people’s search for decent and affordable housing. The skyrocketing prices of property in the city pushed them to look farther from the city.Design your home with a talented Sydney architect & designer.Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Charlene Gonzales

Charlene Gonzales

Charlene is a Superdraft blogger dedicated to bringing you the best information for your home, from renovation tips to design and decorating advice.

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