Try these Colours that Make Bedrooms Calm and Comfy

Our top colour picks for every bedroom in your house!
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After a long day, most people just want to go to their bedroom and rest. But, relaxation won’t take place if the bedroom is a mess! You see, the checklist to achieve a majestic sleeping sanctuary is short. All you have to do is clean, declutter, and organise. Apart from that, you should choose bedroom colours that you find comfortable.

That’s right. You pick the colours that help you get some shut-eye.The safest choice is to go with an all-white bedroom. When done right, it is ethereal and heavenly. But you must not limit yourself. It’s a bedroom — it’s private. Go pop lovely colours that you wish to see when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

Here are our top suggestions:

For the nursery and kiddie room

Coming up with a theme can help you find the right colour for a baby’s bedroom. Feel free to turn this room into a work of art. Create lovely colour combinations. Mix up multiple patterns. Gor crazy — it’s a kid’s room!

However, we challenge you to design a bedroom that can grow up with your kid. The room needs to be flexible and must accommodate the kid to his/her pre-teen years.

That being said, consider applying muted colours on the walls. Pastels or hues of any colour will do. Don’t forget to add enough neutrals and a striking accent colour.

For tweens and teens

By this time, the kid already knows what he or she wants. Ask them. Include them in the design process. You may suggest colours if they can’t seem to decide. Blush is a popular option for teenage girls. It’s sweet, cute, and the pink won’t overwhelm you. On the other hand, a lot of boys seem to like navy blue and grey rooms.

Tip: Show them a colour specifier and let them decide which colour they like the most.READ: 9 Tips to Rock Navy Blue Rooms

For mom and dad

For the parents, it’s all about tranquility and relaxation. Try dark green walls. It’s trendy, sophisticated, and flexible to work with. If you prefer lighter colours, consider serene colours like hazelnut (creamy beige), lilac grey, terracotta (burnt orange), and pewter (greige).

For guests

Not all homes have an extra bedroom for their guests but if you do, we challenge you to decorate it like a simple hotel room. It doesn’t have to look much, but it must suit the taste of many people. It’s okay to create a white bedroom here. Just add a pop of colour on the sheets, curtains, and rugs. Or, create a large accent wall using trendy wallpaper.READ: How to Breathe Life to Your Small Guest Room

Ask us questions before your next quick bedroom makeover!

There are many ways to pop colours in a room. The challenge is to not overdo it.

By the way, the colours mentioned above are just suggestions. Feel free to design a room you can call your own. 🙂

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