Colour Experts Reveal the Best Exterior House Colours to Use Now

Choose from these exterior house colours if you want your home to be the best-dressed in the neighbourhood.

The fastest and most cost-efficient way to update the exterior look of your home is through painting it. Whether you’re enhancing your home’s kerb appeal for a sale or refreshing your home, consider these exterior house colours:

Pale coffee to greys

In this decade, we’ve seen houses painted with latte colours replaced with lovely shades of grey.

According to Haymes colour stylist Wendy Rennie, grey will stay on trend for some time.

“Greys, in both light and dark tones, with white trims, are a classic for period homes,” Rennie said in an interview with The New Daily.

Rennie advises homeowners to pair greys with whites. This neutral combination makes it easy to blend the house with its surrounding garden and concrete streets.

Greys are also ideal for newly built contemporary homes.But, change will slowly happen. Rennie believes that darker colours will steal the scene. People are embracing Charcoal, a dark grey shade.

Wattyl colour manager Sarah Stephenson sees the drift too. This year, they announced Colorbond Night Sky® as their exterior colour of choice for 2018. Based on the Colorbond website, Night Sky® is a strong and sophisticated material that’s ideal for emphasizing strong lines and sharp reliefs of houses.Dulux also named a dark-grey shade named Domino as its most popular exterior paint choice this year. Their in-house colour planner Andrea Lucena-Orr suggests that homeowners use it against cool whites and mid-tone greys like their Timeless Grey.

Grey is not a sad colour

Some homeowners fear that using too much grey might look a bit down and sad.

If you’re one of them, Taubmans colour consultant Grace Garrett recommend painting your door in a bright colour. A colourful front door will instantly change the look of the house. It’s quick and cost-effective too.

“This allows homeowners to effortlessly display their own individual styles,” she said.

“It can also add a touch of brightness and vibrancy to homes throughout the darker winter months,” she added.

Grey Exterior Design Inspirations:

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See the products mentioned:

Dulux in Timeless Grey

Dulux in Domino

Colorbond® Night Sky®


This was derived from an article from The New Daily Australia. Read the original text here.

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