How to Achieve Bespoke Interiors at a Low Cost

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Homeowners want three things in their humble abode. First, they want their interiors to reflect their personalities. Then, they want to achieve this within a small budget. In addition, the final look must not look like you skimped on your interior design.


To successfully decorate within your budget, you have to know where to put your money. Know what and when to splurge and save in order to maximise every dollar you spent on the project. For a more efficient process, list all the things you need and put a baseline budget for each. Here are some designer-approved budget decorating tips that you should take note of:


1. Lay rugs made from natural fibre

High-quality area rugs become more expensive as it increases in size. Huge rugs made from natural fibres are more affordable, therefore switching can help you save money. In addition, natural rugs can go with any style from vintage, eclectic, rustic, Scandinavian, mid-century, to contemporary. It looks best on coastal-inspired home interiors.


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2. No antiques? Speed up Patina!

It’s unfortunate when you’re drawn to antiques but you can’t squeeze it in your budget. However, you can still nail the aged look at a lower cost. Talk to your architect or designer about faux ageing your walls or some of your wooden pieces of furniture. You can also explore on natural materials such as copper, terracotta, brass, etc. on your decor. These develop a patina which adapts the look of expensive antiques.

3. Look for a dupe of a fancy paint you like

Some expensive paint brands offer exceptional colours to your wall. Don’t settle on it immediately. Using an app called Color Capture, you can explore more than 3,300 world class paint colours. Take the colour you like and have it made to order. If you can find a dupe of that paint for a cheaper price, the better. You can use the money you save to buy items which complement your new walls.


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4. Paint an old wooden furniture

For example, one of your relatives handed down an old wooden furniture to you and you think you have a place for it at home. Give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you gave it a glossy or matte finish, the new furniture will definitely bring life to your space.


5. Accentuate your walls using an unconventional decor

Not all decorative materials are bought from the store. Stroll through the forest and collect tree stumps and bark with an interesting shape. You can also use an old, large clock as wall art.


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6. Display interesting stuff you found in the thrift store

There are treasures in an opportunity stores or thrift shops in your neighbourhood. You can score vintage art and decor pieces here. Make sure that everything you purchase is still in good condition. You can also seek help from people who knows how to shop for vintage art or pieces of furniture.

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7. Display your kid’s art (or yours)

If you feel like displaying your kid’s art on the wall, do it. Secure it in a frame before hanging in your living area, bedroom, or hallway. Your kid’s art is one of a kind and it will make your space feel homier. If you’re an artist yourself, use your creations as your decoration. Make your home a museum.


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8. Use bamboo blinds for window treatment

Bamboo roller blinds give you the privacy you need without completely blocking natural light from the windows. Unlike plastic window treatments, this one adds warmth to your space 24/7. This is an easy purchase at your local home improvement store and online craft stores. It’s also cheaper than any other window treatment.


budget decorating


9. Shop during holiday and seasonal sales

Wait for holidays and season sales before buying furniture and home appliances. You can score more ticket items like sofas, coffee tables, lamps, and media cabinets when they’re all discounted.


10. Remember that customised isn’t always expensive

A custom-made design isn’t always expensive. Designers can help you achieve a fun and functional design, even if you have a tight budget. They know where to find the paint, furniture, and decor items that are worth it. In case you’re not confident about recreating your space yourself, it’s time to call a design pro.Engage a Sydney-based architect and designer.Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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