3 Tips for Building Split Level Homes on a Sloping Block

A sloping block gives you, your designers, and your builders a unique challenge, but you can overcome them all with the right split level home design.
3 Tips for Building Split Level Homes on a Sloping Block in Perth

Building your home on a sloping block will not be easy. It creates unique challenges for your architect/building designer. It pushes them to think outside the box and produce beautiful split level homes that will surprise and excite you. And, if you and your designer have a great working relationship, you two can create a distinctive home which suits your lot.

Why build split level homes on a sloping block?

When building in an unusual setting, you also need a unique home design. Designed for building on sloping or difficult terrain, a split level home will help you maximise the land. With the help of a great architect, you can build a properly oriented split level home that takes advantage of daylight, natural ventilation, and the lovely views of the surroundings. 

Before you start working on your project, you should know that building on a slope can be more expensive than building on a flat, rectangular plot of land. To avoid more mishaps in the future, remember these:

Engage your design professional early

People often choose a block of land first before they engage an architect. Little did they know that they can get their architect’s opinion about their top choices before they proceed to purchase. 

Yes, your architect can come with you during an on-site inspection. They will consider several factors such as the severity, angle, and direction of the slope, the natural aspects of the land (e.g. potential views, drainage, soil retention, driveway access, height restrictions, etc.). The inspection will give them an overall idea of the lie of the land, which enables them to offer valuable advice before you commit to the purchase.

A strategy like this lets you understand your options better because you know where it’s easier and more complicated to build. Of course, work with a designer with impeccable experience in designing split level homes on sloping blocks. Your teammate in this journey must be aware of the challenges ahead. For your own piece of mind, choose your designer wisely. In Superdraft, we have over 599 architects and building designers on our team, and we are proud to house some of the nation’s most talented split level home designers. Contact us today so we can introduce you to the professionals nearest you. Hurry, before they get fully booked! 

There is nothing you can do that can’t be done

All sloping blocks are different and will present their own individual challenges, but you can overcome these with the help of a skilled and talented architect. 

Speak to your architect about excavation and retaining walls — these two always happen when building homes in a slope. 

Retaining walls are rigid walls used to restrain soil in a slope, stabilising the area and making it more suitable for building. These hold back a lot of weight, and must be designed correctly to make sure they don’t slip or fall over.

Excavation may happen when you need to level out the ground to build your foundation. An excavator is needed to remove or add soil (or both). Depending on the grade, soil conditions, and other factors, excavation might make construction multiple times more expensive than building a home on a flat site.

To minimise the costs, the home you should build must follow the slope of the land. No worries, a great designer can help you create a home that works with the slope, keeping excavation and retaining walls to a minimum. Yes, building a home on a sloping block is challenging, but if you work alongside a skilled and talented designer throughout the process, the end product will be so much better than cookie cutter homes. The process is hard and complicated, but it will be well worth it.

There is so much potential in building a home on a slope

The perceived costs of a sloping block of land are lower than a flat one, and that makes it attractive to people who want to build a new home. However, you should know that the price of the building a house will be a little daunting even before you begin the process. 

But, this shouldn’t discourage you. You should know that there are many design possibilities for a split level home. An architect can produce a clever house design which suits your lifestyle and addresses your family’s needs. You two can work together to create ingenious and innovative design possibilities. To avoid going way over your budget, we highly recommend looking for design professionals who will listen to your ideas, give their advice, and help you create a beautiful, unique split level home where you and your family can thrive for many years to come. Working with the right professional will make this an exciting and rewarding experience (and a win-win situation) for you.Tell us about your project and our pro designers will contact you shortly!

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