Dream About this Stunning Grey Bathroom Design

If you’re looking for a grey bathroom design for inspiration, check this out!
Stunning Grey Bathroom Design

This grey bathroom design is great in contemporary homes. It’s for homeowners who want a modern and timeless interior design.

The bigger, the better

The designers of this bathroom laid large-format tiles on the walls and floor. Using large-format tiles offer a sleek, no-nonsense, and unfussy aesthetic. As you can see, there are a few grout lines, which looks clean (and is easy to clean). The tiling also looks uninterrupted.

Using oversized tiles in a small bathroom is a trick designers use to make the space look larger. It creates a sense of scale; the larger the tiles, the more space available.

The ease of a walk-in shower

As you can see, there’s no soaking tub in this bathroom — only an open shower. The homeowners prefer quick bathing so they sacrificed the tub. They chose a shower because it is less expensive to build. Also, showers are more water-efficient. The homeowners want lower water bills.

Design wise, a walk-in shower is perfect for people with mobility issues. The homeowners are prudent, and they want their bathroom to be 100% accessible. They don’t want their bathroom to be a horror in case they got injured because of an accident. They want their elderly visitors to use their bathroom with ease as well.

Diffused bathroom light

Proper lighting is essential in the bathroom. Your bathroom must appear bright and clean, even if the colour scheme is a little dark. Here, the designers diffused the overhead lights to create a relaxing atmosphere. It’s not over directional, so it offers enough illumination minus the shadows. It’s directly above you in the shower, which is great.

Less is more, simple is more

The vanity, storage, fixtures, and accessories are all simple. The design is straightforward and not ornate.

When designing bathrooms, people tend to display a lot of accessories. Our advice: try not to overdo the decor but don’t under do it either. Keep everything in moderation… like this bathroom.

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