A Guide to Roof Designs for Homes

Having an idea of different roof designs will allow you to choose a roof that is suitable for your home's location, your location's climate, and your own style preference. Here are a few roof designs commonly found in residential architecture projects.

Whether you are building a new home or planning a renovation, you might benefit from knowing different roof designs you have as options. Each roof design serves a different purpose and works with a particular aesthetic. Having an idea of different roof designs will allow you to choose a roof that is suitable for your home’s location, your location’s climate, and your own style preference.
Here are a few roof designs commonly found in residential architecture projects.




The gable roof is the most common type of home roof, and it is suitable for most climates. This type is inexpensive and easy to build. The shape of gable roofs is sloped, which helps prevent snow and rain from building up. Gables are also ideal for preventing leaks. This then reduces wear and tear and adds to the roof’s durability. Note, however, that homes with gable roofs need to have good ventilation systems in place, as gable roofs have poor ventilation on their own.




The hip roof is another common roof design. The rafters of a hip roof are pitched on four sides, allowing the roof to hold down the house. Hip roofs are ideal for weather resistance, as they have excellent water drainage and are less vulnerable to high winds. Hip roofs are also ideal for incorporating into an existing structure. They cost more than gable roofs, however, because they require more material. Additionally, the added number of seams heightens the risk of leaks, particularly if the roof is poorly installed or maintained.


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A shed roof has a single sloping plane. It offers a flat surface for a variety of different construction purposes that starts low and reaches upwards. The shed is among the most versatile of roof designs, as it can be used on a variety of buildings including homes, potting sheds, storage sheds, and carports. It is also a cost-effective option, easy to build, and ideal for energy-efficient homes because their long slopes are ideal for skylights and solar panels. But keep in mind that shed roofs are prone to drainage issues that can cause damage to underlying construction.


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The butterfly roof is V-shaped, similar to the wings of a butterfly. This design is popular for modern and eco-friendly homes, as the upper angle of the roof’s outer edges allows for larger windows. Larger windows, in turn, let in more natural sunlight. This can help homeowners save on energy for heating and lighting. The roof’s shape also facilitates the easy installation of solar panels and water collection systems. However, the upfront costs of installing this more complex design can be higher, and this roof requires more maintenance than most other designs. Additionally, the temperature inside the home may be uneven, particularly if the home has large windows. It is best to consult an architect on the placement of windows to keep the home’s temperature regulated.


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Flat roofs, as their name suggests, appear completely flat, although they do require a slight pitch to let water drain. A popular roof choice for commercial buildings, by having no visible slope, the roof virtually disappears, letting the exterior walls of the home stand out more. But flat roofs are favoured designs for modern residential projects as well for a variety of reasons. The roof can be used as extra living space in the form of a patio or a rooftop garden. Flat roofs are good for installing solar panels for homeowners who want to go the energy-efficient route with their home. This design is also cost-effective, as flat roofs require less building material. Flat roofs, however, be more expensive to maintain, as they are prone to water leakage. This design is best for areas that do not experience high rainfall or snowfall.


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