How Australian Homeowners Renovate Outdoor Living Spaces

Find out how to enhance and renovate outdoor living spaces -- and how to do it right.
How Australian Homeowners Renovate Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the most common motivations of Aussie homeowners today is to update and renovate outdoor living spaces. We have an enviable climate, that’s why our outdoor areas are a spectacular extension of our homes into nature.

Are you planning to enhance your backyard soon? Continue reading to get an idea of how today’s Aussie homeowners enhance their outdoor areas and what they do to get the job done right.

Make room for entertainment

Consider how you use the space for entertainment. Outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens or fire pits provide an area for people to gather around. Furnish them with comfortable outdoor furniture or built in seating.

Build a private pool oasis

Many homeowners are keen to make their outdoor living spaces their private oasis. When the site and budget allow, build a pool in the backyard and design privacy around it. Install screens or landscaping that create a feeling of seclusion.

Keep it comfy

Most homeowners place an outdoor lounge and dining to their newly renovated outdoor area. An outdoor lounge and dining area makes the outdoor space feel comfortable and relaxing. Also, consider installing a heat source — a fireplace or a fire pit depending on the space available.

Illuminate the outdoor space

Lighting makes the outdoor space functional and beautiful at night. On your next renovation project, illuminate pathways and steps using LED lights. Use lights to highlight structures like decks and pergolas in your garden.Extra tip: Ask your electrician about lighting systems that can be controlled using your mobile devices.

Reduce the lawn

It’s nice to have a lawn, but they are hard to maintain. Reduce the size of your lawn by laying pavers to create a stable seating area.

Add greenery

Keep your garden green and alive by adding areas of landscaping. We recommend growing low-maintenance native plants that are drought tolerant. Mix in some feature plants that add colour, height and texture to the garden. Consider growing herbs and vegetables.

Get professional help

Almost 70% of renovators hire a professional to help them with their outdoor renovation projects.

So, are you planning to renovate your outdoor area? Tell us about your project in the comments section below. Feel free to save photos here for inspiration. And, contact us when you need help in designing the perfect outdoor space for you.Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, ask help from our Sydney-based architects and designers.

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