How to Create a Timeless Kitchen Design

A timeless kitchen design will make you happy to cook for your loved ones for many more years to come.
How to Create a Timeless Kitchen Design

When designing your kitchen, invest in a look that doesn’t need an update every few years. Find out the foolproof, timeless kitchen design styles that are sure to serve you for many years and learn how to materialise them in your building project. 

Homely French provincial

The French Provincial style is a classic style that is gaining momentum. This look features warm and relaxed interiors with subtle ornate touches. It evokes a familiar and friendly feeling of living in a country home, where life is simple and stress-free. 

Here’s a French country kitchen with a neutral base palette and subtle warm undertones. It features wrought iron and distressed timber ceiling accents, white cabinets with a flat paint finish, solid timber floors and vintage furniture pieces. The earthy and rustic look makes this one a warm and timeless look.We like the idea of painting the Windsor chairs and the table in a bold matte black, then adding a contemporary rug to highlight the dining area.

Modern farmhouse

The timeless appeal of farmhouse-style kitchens comes from using natural materials (often local to your area) and building spaces that make friends and family feel welcome.

Here’s a farmhouse kitchen with appealing timber cabinetry, sleek stone benchtops and a massive island to accommodate large meals. The entire kitchen uses high-quality timber to build the cabinetry and the island. However, it’s the wooden table in the dining area that caught our attention. This, plus the cushioned bench seat give you the classic feeling of dining at a farm. Lastly, the rattan decorations hung from walls add to the design.Similar to the French provincial kitchen above, this farmhouse kitchen also features faux wood beams to give the ceilings a historical charm. Exposed ceiling beams don’t provide support, they simply give the illusion of higher ceilings.

Classic black and white

A classic black and white kitchen will also withstand the test of time. Best of all, it can be designed in a way to suit all styles of home. Sleek, smooth cabinetry and sharp, clean lines create a fantastic look in a modern black and white kitchen. Detailed shaker-style cabinets paired with period style details (think: hardware, appliances, accessories, etc.) create a breathtaking black and white traditional style kitchen.It’s easy to customise a classic black and white kitchen with splashes of texture and colour. We adore the sleek lines and smooth surfaces interrupted by the marble herringbone splashback. The flower vases and fruit bowls introduce colours, making it easy to change-up during the seasons.

Bold and beautiful

Much like an all-white kitchen, an all-black kitchen is timeless kitchen design. When designing a black kitchen, pay close attention to the materials and surface finishes you choose as some surfaces can be a little unforgiving to food stains, scratches and fingerprints.

Here’s a black kitchen with an island, custom cabinetry, tiled floor and mosaic splashback. Read more here about rocking the full-black kitchen at home.Superdraft can help you design your perfect kitchen. Whether it’s budget or luxury, we have designers who are ready to provide a world-class service. Our architects are in in Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. To start a project with us, click here

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