How to Determine Your Kitchen Style

Here's a guide to find your kitchen style. We hope that it helps you as you embark on your kitchen renovation.
How to Determine Your Kitchen Style

Homeowners opting for a kitchen renovation always download inspiring images of kitchens. There’s nothing wrong with this. It helps you figure out what you want. However, doing this doesn’t immediately reveal your ideal kitchen style. It might confuse you, especially when you’re attracted to two or more contrasting styles. The hardest part would be narrowing down your options or mixing two or more looks harmoniously.

At Superdraft, we want to help you get your dream kitchen. We want your kitchen to reflect your personality. So, here’s a guide to find your kitchen style. We hope that it helps you as you embark on your kitchen renovation:

1. Gather information

Nothing is better than Google’ing images of kitchen designs and download the ones that you like. Go crazy with it. Downloading the images are free. 

Don’t forget to indicate why you like each photo. When you do, you won’t forget why you downloaded it in the first place. 

One time, a homeowner showed us a hundred photos but can’t determine which ones are the best. It is okay with us. We believe in mass collecting inspirational images and editing your album later. Narrowing your choices down is another task — a more challenging one.

2. Categorize your photos

Finding your kitchen style is easier when you are a little more organized. Try grouping the images by category (e.g. cabinetry, island, wall colour, etc.) or by style. Create an album. Or, make a collage for it helps you trim the number of photos you have. Remove all the images that don’t appeal to you that much. Delete the duplicate photos as well.

3. Call your designer

For most homeowners, the best way to go is to hire a professional designer.

Choose someone who listens and interprets the photos you’ve collected. 

At Superdraft, we want you to send us the photos you’ve collected. We have a portion where you can upload those images on our contact pageWhen you show us your ideal looks beforehand, we gain more knowledge about your style before the initial consultation.

With our professional designer on your team, you can delegate the hard tasks to us and expect us to show you a plan for approval.

4. Design consultation

Here is the part where you’ll find out about your kitchen style. A face to face design consultation helps your designer determine the right kitchen style for you.

Think of it as a ‘you decide, I design‘ type of meeting.

During the consultation, your designer often looks at the photos you have and ask you about what you like about it. When you label the images beforehand, there’s less guesswork at this stage. 

At this stage, your designer might ask you questions like:

– How do you want your kitchen to look and feel?

– What colours do you want to see?

– What textured elements do you like? 

Your designer can answer questions using the photos you have, but they usually ask again for confirmation. 

After the initial consultation, your designer most likely knows what your style is. He/she will most likely discuss your style with you before you part ways — before he/she creates the plan for you.READ: The Different Styles of Kitchens

How your designer finds out

Most of the time, your designer derives your ideal kitchen style and design based on a few things: 

1. Your personal style

That’s why we look at the photos you downloaded. We want to see your aesthetic preferences — the things that you like the most. 

2. The architecture of your house

We make sure that your kitchen design fits your home and the adjacent rooms like a puzzle.

3. The vibe you want to achieve

More than the look, we want your kitchen style to reflect the ambience that you want.Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, ask help from our Sydney-based architects and designers.

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