How to Save Money and Get a Good Home Design

At the end of the day, these two are the most important things for you.
How to Save Money and Get a Good Home Design

Good home design is not always expensive. You must keep that in mind. You can save money and still have a home that doesn’t look like you scrimped on it.

Here are our top four ways to do it:

Decorate like an expert

It’s common for homeowners to do interior design themselves. Unfortunately, some of them end up wasting money because they made a mistake.

Here are the most common design blunders that DIYers commit:

  1. Over furnishing and over decoration
  2. Buying pieces that are ‘too big’ for the space
  3. Hanging too many artworks and hanging them incorrectly
  4. Purchasing substandard furniture
  5. Excessive, inadequate, and bad lighting
  6. Painting the walls before installing the floor
  7. Pushing furniture up against a wall instead of floating them
  8. Not following a consistent material and colour palette

Imagine the hassle that you will experience just to correct these. Think about the extra costs that you will shell.

Sad, right?The good news is, you can avoid these costly mistakes! Always think things through before you make a design decision. And, imagine the end result. If possible, ask for a second or third opinion.READ: Homeowners Suffer from these 5 Crazy Renovation Issues (and How to Avoid it)

Repurpose your old furniture pieces

You don’t need to buy new stuff and replace your old furniture. One way to cut costs is to use what’s already available. For instance, you can repaint your old furniture pieces to give them a new life. You can upholster your old chairs or sofa to make them look new again.

Do not be afraid to do DIY furniture upcycling projects. Watch instructional videos on YouTube. 🙂 You will find something that you can do there. Most of them are first-timer friendly too!

ALWAYS plan and budget your expenses

This is the most important part. No matter how big or tight your budget is, you must prepare a budget. It will help you stay on track of your expenses and avoid unexpected costs. You don’t want to hear that you’re $20,000 over your budget, right?

Prioritise function over aesthetics

The design needs to be functional and beautiful. It’s a general rule that you must remember at all times.

Here are some of the general design advice that you should keep in mind:

  1. In small bedrooms, a built-in floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is more appropriate than a walk-in closet. The latter requires you to divide the room, which is not wise because you are already dealing with a small space.
  2. Consider adding a skylight in dark rooms.
  3. If you’re planning to extend your home in the future, tell your draftsman. Ask him/her to draw up a plan that will make the construction of the home extension easier.

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What’s a good home design, anyway?

A good home design allows you and your family to live comfortably. It offers just the right amount of closet and storage space. It provides room for everyone dear to you. Above all, the design is flexible and customisable.

Of course, it doesn’t happen by chance. It requires proper planning. And, you need someone who possess the knowledge and skills to help you design your dream home. He/she could be an architect, building designer, or a draftsman. Getting their help might save you thousands of dollars in the future.Look for a Gold Coast draftsman.Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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