Why This Long and Narrow Bathroom Looks Super Spacious

Everything from the tiles to the layout have something to do with the efficiency and looks of this long and narrow bathroom.
Why This Long and Narrow Bathroom Looks Super Spacious

It’s hard to design unusual bathroom shapes, but it is more difficult to design a long and narrow bathroom.

One mistake and you end up with an uncomfortable walkway and no wiggle room.

However, with proper planning, you create a bathroom that’s beautiful, inviting, and uncrowded. You create something that you want to spend time in the morning and at night.

In this blog, we’ll show you a luxurious long and narrow bathroom design. It’s small but luxurious. Continue reading below to see how this works, so you know how to recreate one in your home.

Large-format tiles

Laying large-format tiles is the perfect way to create a sense of space. In this bathroom, the designer placed strips of tiles running along the length of the bathroom. It created an illusion of depth and space.

This long and narrow bathroom works well because the designer only used a single tile design. Too many colours, textures, and patterns only reduce the sense of space. In this case, the designer used a light, porcelain tiles that look like marble. The materials used made the bathroom look more luxurious and exciting.

The right combination of furnishing and fittings

The problem with most long and narrow bathroom designs is vulnerable to inconvenience. One mistake and you risk losing some wiggle space.

To avoid this, choose the right combination of furnishing and fittings.

In this bathroom, the designer lined the vanity on the opposite of the toilet and a tall cabinet. The vanity is skinny and the toilet is tankless — both space-saving. The walkway is in the middle, and you see a balanced space. When the cabinet doors are opened, the doors don’t touch each other.

Shower in a bath

This is an eternal dilemma. Inserting a tub and a shower efficiently in a long and narrow bathroom is complicated. Most homeowners end up choosing one over the other.

Not in this bathroom. Here, the designer positioned the tub and shower in the wall at the end of the room. It’s beside an operable window, which the homeowner opens to allow evaporation of moisture. They did not install clear glass panels because the tub already keeps the water from splashing further. Also, a glass panel will only make it hard for someone to get in and out of the tub.

Tip: If you want to separate the tub in the shower, consider using an ofuro, a Japanese soaking tub. Look for sleek variants where you sit comfortably inside the tub. Then, squeeze in the shower space beside it.


It’s also difficult to put a window in a long and narrow bathroom. For one, you don’t want a window that will reveal you while you’re taking a bath or doing your business. Also, a small bathroom needs natural lighting to make it look brighter and more spacious.

In this bathroom, the designer built a small window beside the tub. This narrow, rectangular window on the upper edge of the wall lets a decent amount of sunshine in, without compromising your privacy.

If you’re uncomfortable with using transparent windows, use frosted glass instead. It allows the sun in and keeps the peeping toms out.


With the careful planning, a long and narrow bathroom isn’t too small. It can be decadent, spacious, luxurious, and breezy. All you need to do is understand how one design element performs in a room and how it affects the rest of the interiors. Plan an efficient bathroom layout as well.Other resources:

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