Look! This Modern Apartment’s Living Room has NO TV!

No TV, just a projector. Are you ready for a living room with no TV set?
LOOK! Here's a Living Room with NO TV!

You know how when you got home from work and plop down the sofa and open your phone to browse Facebook? Because of the advent of mobile devices, we rarely watch TV. If that’s your lifestyle, then this living room with no TV might work for you.

What’s taking TV’s place?

The main thing that replaced the TV is the projector screen. Pull this down when you want to watch your favourite show. Hide it when it’s not in use.If you’re wondering, there’s a projector up against the ceiling. This connects to your laptop or smartphone. Now, you can watch Youtube and Netflix on a bigger screen. Heck, you can even practice your business presentations here.Because there’s no TV, the designers have room for attention-grabbing elements and pieces. One is the feature wall, with each square bolted on the original wall.

Comfort above everything else

Instead of a regular sofa, the designers used cinema quality couches. Comfort is a priority here. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Timber floors

The timber flooring stands out from all the grey, white, and black elements in this room. It warms up the room.

One-wall kitchen

This home comes in an open-plan format. One side is dedicated to the living room, one for the dining area, one foyer, and at the back is the kitchen. The designer fitted a wall of white cabinets. The surfaces are glossy to reflect light in the room. Countertops are long so there’s more work space in this very small area. The splashback is black and ultra glossy, which is pretty modern as well.

Creative lighting

The lighting designers used cinema quality recessed lights in this apartment. The main source of light is diffused and is right above the couch. This minimises the shadows. There are three slim pendants light above the dining table to illuminate the area. And, of course, the large window which invites enough sunshine in the morning. From the common areas, a small hallways take you to the apartment’s bathroom, bedroom, and home office. We like the idea of using 3D wallpapers to make this hallway a little more exciting.

Simple home office

There’s a lot of work to do here and the homeowner doesn’t want any distraction. So, the designer just set up a table and a small couch. The room is separated from everything else, so the owner can focus on working.

Luxury bedroom design

The sleeping area is a little different. It shows opulence thanks to the silk fabrics, wall mirrors, and headboard. 

Grey bathroom

In this bathroom, the designers laid polished grey tiles on the walls of the bathroom. The surface of these tiles is smooth and polished. These surfaces are easy to clean.

The grey tiles on the floor are different. These are non-slip and textured tiles. These tiles are not slippery even when wet.

We also like the small touches of timber here. They stand out against the cool grey tiles. But,  these are not real wood, but rather laminates. These building materials are super affordable.

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Charlene Gonzales

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