How to Make your Hallways Better than any other Hallway

Thou shalt not forget the hallways. It is as special as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining areas. These spaces connect rooms together, hence, you have to design it like how you design the livable areas of your home. Make them come alive with these tricks on your sleeves:



Rugs add instantly adds style and life to this traditional home’s hallway. The pattern on the rug gives a dramatic impact on the restrained hallway to the kitchen.


better than any other Hallway image4


If you have a longer and more narrow hallway than the one shown above, use a rug which runs from end to end. Choose a design which makes the space wider such as horizontal stripes.


 A place to sit


The designer created a space saving seat in this narrow to the bathroom and laundry room. Since the paint applied to the walls is pale grey, accessories like the throw pillows and the painting will stand out.


better than any other Hallway image5



Make a wide hallway even more useful by building extra cabinets on one of its sides. This way, you can have extra storage and display space. As you can see, the cabinets on this photo even have a tile countertop to keep the cabinets strong and looking good, no matter what you put on it.


better than any other Hallway image2



Undoubtedly, wainscotting is one decorative and useful elements added to a home. It accentuates the wall and protects the lower part of the drywall from scrapes, bumps, and dirt marks caused by foot traffic.


How to Make your Hallways Better than any other Hallway



If you have a collection of books, photos, and other mementoes that you love to display, then, a hallway bookshelf might work for you. Arrange the books and other decorative items properly on each shelf. A cluttered bookshelf looks like a disaster. If it’s organised, the shelves everything you put inside it will always be an aesthetic element to the hallway.


How to Make your Hallways Better than any other Hallway


Maximise a small space like hallways and turn them into attractive and functional. All you need are some inspiration and a working plan on how to do it.


Do you have a hallway that you want to transform? Snap a photo and share them with us!

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