When and Why You Need to Start a Home Improvement Project

This could be the right time. These are the best reasons to renovate your humble abode.

There are homeowners who get most of their design inspiration from the home improvement shows on TV or articles they read over the internet. 


As designers, we want you to keep all these design inspiration of yours in a little notebook or in a personal Pinterest board. You can show these to your chosen designer in the future when it’s time to renovate or remodel.


The question is, when is the right time do a home improvement project? Why should you dedicate your time and money for it?


Renovations are expensive, therefore the timing and purpose must be on point. Spending money on changes that will make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and secure is the wisest thing a homeowner can do. 


Here are the signs that you should consider doing a home improvement project in the near future:


Your home needs to undergo maintenance and repair


Truth is, structures deteriorate over time, no matter how sturdy its building envelope is. Something will chip, scratch, decay, crack, leak, and scrape off one day. To restore the beauty and function of the place, you need regular maintenance and repair works done.


For example, your family home’s 30-year-old cedar deck showed signs of retirement: stains, broken boards, dry rotting, and loose nails. You know that it’s time to replace it. Hire a design pro who can create a better and updated outdoor space for the occupants. After the project, feel free to station the outdoor furniture of your choice to make the outdoor space more relaxing.


You need to extend your livable spaces


Let’s say you bought a home when you and your partner started living together under one roof. Things changed when you had your children. You will need a bigger space in order to accommodate a bigger family. The kids can’t share a room forever. They will demand their own rooms and you will most likely need a second bathroom.


At this point, you have two options: to move or not to move. If you see the possibility of extending your house in order to create more bedrooms and bathrooms, do it. Hire a design pro who knows how to create home additions that do not compromise your property’s landscape. He or she should also provide a working floor plan which shows you where the different areas and rooms are located. If possible, implement an open floor plan for your living, dining, and kitchen area and give it access to an outdoor living space. This way, you or your children can entertain guests in a larger space.


You need to implement green features


Going green has short term and long term benefits that are hard to say no to. First, you can lower your power and water bills at home. Then, you reduce your home’s carbon footprint which is great for the planet.


In Superdraft, we follow the principles of passive design. The spaces we renovate turn out to be more energy-efficient than it was before. We start with designing the space according to the local climate and construction site. Then, we recommend the use Australian made green building materials during the construction of the design. Sustainable building materials are a bit pricey compared to the traditional building materials we use in construction but, it is worth your investment. We also make sure that double-glazed windows are right where they are needed. These windows are expensive and it’s not required to have them everywhere at home.


You want to add something that makes you feel comfortable and safe


This is needed especially if you see yourself ageing in place. You can redesign your interiors so it follows the universal design of residential homes. Add safety features such as bathroom railings and non-slip floors. Rethink your floor plan as well. The hallways must be wide enough so that a person in a wheelchair and walker can comfortably pass through.




You are about to sell or rent out the house


Home improvements have the power to increase home value. Upgrading your kitchen cabinets, painting your walls with a lighter colour, replacing traditional frills with sleek, modern ones, and converting an unused room into a gym or home cinema can pump the price of your home in the market.


When and Why You Need to Start a Home Improvement Project

Building your home improvement team


The best advice we can give you is to build your team based on your project. Everyone, from the designer to the builder must have the skills needed to create the project properly. Every member of the team should communicate properly with one another.


To do this, we suggest that you hire the designer first. Then, ask him for his preferred builders on this project. Architects and designers surely worked with contractors before and they know the guys whom you can count on during construction.


We make that process easier here in Superdraft. Talk to us about your project and we’ll hook you up with a designer who can provide you with excellent drawings. Our team can also provide quotes from the best builders in your area. We can build your home improvement team for you so you can go through this process stress-free.Get expert architect plans in Brisbane.Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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