What to DO (and NOT TO DO) When Improving Your Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal refers to how your home looks like from the street. Pay attention to it, especially when you have plans to sell your home in the future. It probably won’t add value to your home, but it will make it more attractive to buyers. If it looks good on the streets and in the listing photos, it’s highly saleable.
Here are the things we recommend you to do:

DO: Grow plants

Nature is a lovely, yet inexpensive decor. So, grow plant species that are native and suited to your area. Plant them on a garden bed, in a planter box, or in ceramic pots. You can also try to grow small plants in hessian bags. It’s stylish and cheap.

DON’T: Abandon your front and backyard

You can still maintain a lovely outdoor space even if you’re time-poor. Start with growing low-maintenance plants. Based on Melbourne’s International Flower and Garden Show, these plants are the best for busy people who still want to be gardeners:

  1. Photos
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Bamboo Palm
  4. Snake plant
  5. Mondo grass
  6. Jade plant
  7. Peace Lily
  8. Bromeliad
  9. Birds of Paradise
  10. Echeveria

Don’t forget to mow the lawn, sweep away the dried leaves and dirt on any paths, and pull out the weeds in your garden.
Improving Your Kerb Appeal

DO: Maintain your privacy

Most homeowners like open and airy spaces, but they don’t want their privacy compromised. Consider planting hedges and shrubs to block some of your neighbour and passerby’s view. You can build fences around your property. You can also use laser cut screens to add privacy to your home.
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DON’T: Install a glass front door

Glass doors are ideal for indoor-outdoor spaces that are not in the front yard. Consider a solid door with a bold colour and looks high-end.

DO: Follow a nice colour palette

This is important when painting your house’s exterior. Following a colour scheme will make your home welcoming and easy to look at. You can go for a monochromatic palette but we recommend mixing and matching colours to establish your own style. Sometimes, the local council suggests a colour that fits your community.
Superdraft tip: If you find repainting unnecessary, consider power washing your external walls and your roof. It will remove the dirt buildup and reveal the original paint colour you used.  
Improving Your Kerb Appeal

DON’T: Bother using expensive furniture

Instead, invest in comfortable and stylish furniture pieces. You don’t need to spend so much money on replaceable items.

DO: Display your street number clearly

If you’re going to have a signage, make it noticeable. Use a modern font. Go for bold colours and designs.

DON’T: Install expensive outdoor lighting

There are creative yet affordable options available in the market. Use LED lights as it consumes less electricity. More importantly, you must have it installed properly.
Once you’ve all of the things you should do to improve your home’s exterior looks, go out and check your home from the streets. You can also ask several passersby for their first impression. As we all know, these comments matter a lot. Of course, you need to maintain the beauty of your home’s exterior, even when you’re not yet listing the property.
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