This One Bedroom Apartment Design is a City Dweller’s Dream

This one bedroom apartment proves that simplicity makes the biggest impact. Check it out!
one bedroom apartment design modern

If you’re looking for a one bedroom apartment design that’s great for singles and couples, you came to the right place. Today, we will show you this promising home design. It features a functional floor plan and a gorgeous interior design. Check it out!


Entering this apartment is already a pleasure. The entry to the common areas is a glass door with a one-way privacy film. Your guests can’t see what or who’s behind the doors when they arrive, but you can see them from the other side.

Using privacy glass films is an attractive and clever way to hide the view of the next room. It’s not just for your windows. 😉

Spacious family room

The glass door leads to a spacious family room. Here, a grey sectional sofa divides the space in two. The first half is the cozy living room. We like the addition of bright and patterned fabrics here because it accentuates the space. The throw pillows make the sofa more inviting as well.Next to it sits the formal dining area for six people. If you plan to copy this layout, remember to leave space between the two furniture sets. You need this to access the dining area and keep the traffic around it manageable.We like the simplicity of the furniture pieces used here. You can see that it’s all about function and comfort. When you prioritise those two factors, pleasing aesthetics follow.

Kitchen with quick breakfast nook

The next room is a challenge to design because it’s long and narrow. The designers created a horseshoe kitchen here. We like the L-shaped cabinetry and the long flexible work station on the side.We also fancy the small breakfast nook on the other end of the kitchen. This is perfect for more intimate meals and for a quick sip of tea/coffee any time of the day.

Relaxing navy blue bedroom

Finally, the bedroom. The place where your day begins and your day ends. Unlike the other rooms, this one celebrates colour. We love the use of navy blue on the walls. These complement the soft grey fabrics and the wooden elements.READ: 9 Tips to Rock Navy Blue Rooms

Clean & crisp bathroom

Like the common rooms and the kitchen, the bathroom follows a neutral colour palette. There’s harmony with the greys, whites, and wooden elements which are super attractive. Yes, it looks plain but it’s never boring.

We commend the layout of this compact bathroom as well. It proves that with proper design, you can fit a separate shower and tub in a small bathroom.

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