Our Kitchens Are Shrinking! The Reasons May Surprise You

The kitchen is the heart of an Aussie home. But, our kitchens are shrinking. Here are the surprising reasons why...
Our Kitchens Are Shrinking! The Reasons May Surprise You

A lot of homeowners treat their kitchen as the central point of the house. But, our kitchens are shrinking quickly.

Here are the surprising reasons why:

Skyrocketing costs of real estate

Based on McGrath’s Report on 2019 Property Trends, there are many reasons why Aussies embrace compact living and one of them is cost. In dense cities and suburbs, residential spaces are getting smaller. Homeowners scale down their kitchens, sacrificing it to fit the living area and bedroom in a tight space.


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Kitchens became social areas

Our kitchens are shrinking, but it is still a vital part of our home. Apart from cooking and meal preparation, we now use it for socialization. Most of us entertain our guests here.


Unfortunately, a lot of us use the kitchen for entertainment rather than its intended use. Due to busy and hectic schedules, a lot of people turned their backs on home cooking. They find it easy to order food online. Because getting your next meal is easy, the number of people who cook their meals everyday dropped dramatically. And since we rarely cook our own food, having a very small kitchen seems okay.

People fancy deliveries and eating out

People who say they don’t have time to cook their own food tend to eat out to restaurants and order delivery food online. Most people use delivery apps like Deliveroo, Menulog and Uber Eats. Others subscribe to meal delivery services like Dietlicious, Fit&Fresh, and YouFoodz. Because of this trend, small kitchens become more acceptable.


However, small kitchens need to be ergonomic and well-designed so you can fit an oven, range, microwave, fridge, and a couple of kitchen cabinets and drawers (a.k.a. The essentials) in their space without making it look cramped. Proper design is the key to make small kitchens flexible and wonderful to use.


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Homeowners need personal offices

The popularity of home offices is another reason why our kitchens are shrinking. A humble home office only consists of a work table, ergonomic chair, and storage but these items take floor space that once belonged to the kitchen.


When there’s zero space available, some use their kitchen bench as their office table


It means the kitchen needs to be flexible too. The height of the benchtops has to be right, the stools need to be comfortable, and it needs to be wide enough to accommodate your laptop and paperwork.


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Other huge shift happens

Apart from shrinking kitchen spaces, there are other changes that you should know about. For one, garages and carports are getting small because more people living in cities resist buying a car. People look into other means to travel like ride sharing, carpooling, riding a bike, taking public transportation, or walking.


Also, residential buildings are featuring more shared spaces like gardens. It can be a rooftop garden or a small private oasis. People demand connection to Mother Nature, thus we’ll see more lawn, trees, veggie plots, and vertical garden systems integrated into the space.


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