Must-Use Paint Colours for 2017

Half of the year is almost over and one thing is clear: 2017 is when we celebrate colours! People slowly moved on from last year’s design trends and embrace rich and saturated paint colours. We gathered our designers’ colour picks to help those in need of some colour inspiration for their ongoing mid-year project.

Here are the rich hues and shades you might want to use to give new homes the cosmopolitan look:


1. Green-Black

Pantone says that green is the colour of the year, but we’re still hung over our neutral palettes. This shade of green shows intensity without being black.

dark green paint colours


2. Mustard Yellow

Mustard is one of the hardest colours to pull off. But when you do, this colour can make a room interesting. It gave this room an irresistible honey glow:

Mustard paint


3. Cerulean Blue

This is the shade of blue that never gets old. It glows and brings life to this white kitchen and dining area.

Cerulean Blue

4. Yellow-green

Green plus yellow adds warmth with a touch of life and playfulness in the room.

yellow green paint colours

5. Deep Blue

People embrace familiar colours easily, which is why deep blue is a practical choice for the interiors.

deep blue painted cabinets

6. Saffron Yellow

The richness of the colour saffron brings warmth with a touch of mystery and exoticism.

Saffron Paint colours

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