Comfort is Found in This Spacious Scandinavian Home Interiors

We’ll feature an open and elegant living and dining room; a lovely Scandinavian home interior.
Spacious Scandinavian Home Interior

If you want a home that looks like a vacation, opt for simple yet functional designs. Take a cue from this Scandinavian home interiors and architecture. It’s elegant. It’s timeless. It’s beautiful.

Indoor-outdoor spaces

There are two sliding doors in the living room that lead to the deck. It’s not a seamless indoor-outdoor space, not like the ones we always build. Consider this when you want your indoor and outdoor living areas physically connected but visually separated. Also, this design is a great way to make the fireplace the star of the room.

Mix and match neutrals

You’ll never go wrong when you use neutral colours in 70% of the space. Here, the designers went with white walls and grey furniture pieces. Those two are an all time favourite.

Add some warmth

Wood keeps these Scandinavian home interior from looking cold and stark. The designers laid wooden floors on the living room and dining area to establish the heart of the home.

Go round and round

It’s not an open-plan home, but all the important areas connect to each other. The living room links to the dining area that’s next to the kitchen. Then, a hallway bridges the kitchen to the living area. You go around and everything ends in the living room — the heart of the home.

Keep the TV away from the dining area

The homeowners value the time they spend together with their family and friends. That’s why the dining area is far from the TV. As we all know, the dining area is a place where people gather to enjoy a meal together. The homeowners treasure those moments. So, they try to minimise the distractions here.

Sparkling white kitchen

While the living room is cool with its grey colours, the kitchen blinds you with brightness. The streamlined cabinets are white. The island and countertop are white. Even the walls, floors, and ceiling are white!

Well, the kitchen is a busy place. It is important for the kitchen to be bright and well lit.

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