Stunning Built-in Joinery in Various Rooms of the House

Storage is an important requirement in our home. We always look for different storage solutions to avoid overwhelming our place with clutter. One way is to create a built-in joinery. It’s applicable whether you live in a huge house or a tiny apartment. You can also have it in any room of the house.
In this blog, we’ll take a look at multiple built-in joinery designs in various parts of the house so you can see how it improves the space.

Kitchen joinery

We have two contemporary built-in kitchens examples and both have the perfect balance of open and concealed storage.

Built-in Joinery
Source: Poliform Australia

What we love about this kitchen:

  • There are strong geometric elements and the kitchen’s muted colour palette makes all the lines and angles subtle in the eyes.
  • Designers used a wide range of materials, finishes and colours.
  • It’s slim and space-efficient.
  • The absence of handles keeps it clean and modern-looking.
  • There’s no need for a dining table because the built-in joinery includes a multi-functional table used for eating, food preparation, and entertainment.

Built-in Joinery
Source: MW Architects

What we love about this kitchen:

  • The cabinetry design is bespoke, running from the kitchen up to the second floor where it becomes a bookshelf.
  • Cabinets have spray-lacquered MDF fronts. Colours of the cabinet fronts to differentiate spaces.
  • It’s made of plywood, a building material that’s readily available.


Living room joinery

These built-in joinery designs address the most common problem of homeowners in the living room: hiding clutter and unneeded items.

Built-in Joinery
Source: Downie North Architects

For instance, the large living room above is a hub of family and friendly gatherings. The homeowner surely doesn’t want everyone to see how cluttered the cords, gadgets, and their collections of Blu-ray DVDs.
Why we love this design:

  • Cupboards look like a white panel over a brick wall.
  • It conceals the TV and entertainment players. It keeps the messed up wires out of sight.
  • We love the idea that it shows you the homeowner’s books. It’s stored in a black open shelving under the cupboards. It’s painted black to further accentuate the cupboards above it.


Built-in Joinery

This idea is quite the opposite of the first one. As you can see, the built-in joinery is designed to hide storage around the TV.
Why we like this design:

  • There’s plenty of storage space behind the doors.
  • It makes the TV blend into the room better.
  • Great idea for bedrooms and tiny apartments.


Lounge joinery

Joinery isn’t limited to storage. It can serve other purposes too! Just look how magnificent this daybed is!

Built-in Joinery
Source: BG Architecture

Why we like this design:

  • It’s versatile — it’s a daybed, window seat, reading nook, and a storage.
  • Drawers are right under the cushions, completely hidden because it doesn’t have handles.
  • It has a large seating capacity, perfect for friendly meetings or your “me” time.

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Built-in Joinery

Why we like this design:

  • It showcases the warm and natural appeal of plywood.
  • The joinery includes a shelf, drawers, and a platform where you can station the sofa bed.


Home theatre joinery

Homeowners who live in large houses sometimes renovate their extra rooms into mini theatres. Aside from ensuring a quality entertainment, you should consider a custom built joinery around the screen. You can put display items or store a huge collection of films in there.

Built-in Joinery
Home theatre with wine tasting room, big screen, wood cabinets,

Why we like this design:

  • There’s enough storage around the movie screen.
  • It’s right next to a small winery.


Built-in Joinery
Theatre room in luxury home with widescreen

Why we like this design:

  • The built-in joinery around the screen is dark and has a smooth finish. It looks modern and timeless
  • This place fits as a man cave.


Home office joinery

More homes have a dedicated study as people start to embrace the remote working lifestyle.

Built-in Joinery

Why we like this design:

  • It looks like a professional home office
  • The built-in storage allows you to put everything in its place. All your stuff are ready in case you need it for reference

While some enjoy an office that doesn’t look far from a corporate office, some like it simple. Here’s an office space hidden inside tall cupboards. You’ll only need to close the doors once work hours are over.

Built-in Joinery

Why we like this design:

  • You can do this in small apartment spaces. It’s also a good way to squeeze in the office in the bedroom or the living area.
  • The built-in joinery hides all the stress from you once work is done.


Room dividers

Built-in joinery is not always relegated to a wall. It can pose as a wall divider too.

Built-in Joinery

For instance, the designers of these spaces built a storage divider which separates the living area from the private rooms of the house.
Built-in Joinery

Why we like these spaces:

  • There’s no need to build a wall to divide spaces.
  • The divider doubles as storage.


Joinery in an Open-plan room

We love the open-plan format. If the joinery doesn’t double as a divider, make it the focal point of the room. In this apartment unit, the cleverly designed storage gave the living room a luxurious appeal.Why we like this design:

  • The joinery became the life of the entire apartment space. It ties the space down.


Bedroom Joinery

Apart from walk-in wardrobes, there are other ways to include joinery in your bedroom.
For instance, the recessed open shelf above the bed is considered as a joinery too. You put a few, important display items here. However, the real focal point of this room is the wooden box inside it. It’s not a part of the joinery — the walls have timber cladding instead of a plastered paint finish. It’s only a creative way to establish a smaller space inside another space. Why we love this space:

  • You can apply the same design strategy in small apartments.
  • It’s one good way to do divide a large bedroom that’s too spacious for sleeping alone. You can use it to house an ensuite or a walk-in wardrobe.


Built-in joinery vs movable furniture

Depending on the design, the joinery can be expensive to build. It’s an investment you can’t take with you when you move out, after selling your home. But, it can potentially increase the value of your home. It’s something that a stylish furniture can’t do.
Besides, isn’t it nice to leave a piece of you with the house? Something that you can impart to the next homeowner. Of course, it’s up to them if they’ll keep it and live with it.
We hope you found a design that works for you. If you need help materializing this vision of yours, just leave us a message using the chat box right next to this article.
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