This Loft with a Massive Mezzanine Takes City Living Seriously

Have high ceilings? Consider this spacious home design, a loft with a mezzanine.
This Loft with a Massive Mezzanine Takes City Living Seriously

If your home boasts high ceilings, and you want to renovate it, we dare you to try something bold. Here’s a loft with a mezzanine. The design is super luxurious and gives a wonderful sense of space.

Get extra room

In this home, the mezzanine solves space issues. It creates a new room in the same space with a different purpose, without extending the structure. Here, the mezzanine is the homeowner’s bedroom and home office. It’s private up there; not too social unlike downstairs. Also, the owner benefits from the expansive view from the intermediate floor.

Safety first

Here, the designer used glass to prevent anyone from falling off the edge. Apart from safety purposes, glass is aesthetic. It doesn’t close off your mezzanine. Light comes in and brightens the area.

Go for a full mezzanine

This is an example of a full mezzanine. It’s a secure, structural floor accessible via a long set of stairs.

We personally like this modern staircase design. It seems to defy gravity. We love the handrails illuminated with LED strip lights and the wide, low steps. It is ergonomic.

Create inviting social and private spaces

As a whole, a loft home with a full mezzanine is versatile and functional. But, it’s better when it’s well lit and ventilated. All the magnificent homes that’s ever built have these grandeur features.There are huge eyebrow windows in the home office and bedroom to keep these areas bright and airy. The windows make the bed and the work table the centerpiece and focal point of the room.The bathroom looks simple, clean, and minimal. It follows the theme of the entire house. Even the accessories here are in apple green like the sofa.

Add value to your property

When you renovate your current home and add a mezzanine level, you give your property extra space. Extra livable space is valuable. A loft with mezzanine will shoot your property up the property ladder.

Our designers can help you plan a renovation project like this. We can help you design a full mezzanine and make it a functional livable space. Together, let’s create a haven that you feel happy to go home to.

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Charlene Gonzales

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