Tips on Renovating Warehouses

There is a lot of work involved in renovating warehouses. Here are some ideas on where to start.

Renovated warehouses are popular home choices in Australia. Many Australians favour warehouses for their large exposed spaces. High ceilings, concrete floors, and exposed brick walls serve as a blank canvas for a multitude of modern design possibilities. As with building shipping container homes, however, renovating warehouses serves its own set of challenges. Warehouses with their towering ceilings are typically not conducive to effective cooling and heating, and their industrial feel can be a challenge to soften into a warm and welcoming home.

There is a lot of work involved in renovating warehouses. Here are some ideas on where to start.


Prepare for Expenses

Many make the mistake of assuming that renovating a warehouse is more affordable than starting from scratch. This is not always the case. The work required for remodelling a warehouse can be so extensive that homeowners end up having to spend more on labour costs.
To have an idea of the extent of work required…


Consult an Expert

Architects and professional designers would have a realistic understanding of the work required for renovating warehouses. Seek their advice on what needs to be done to prepare the warehouse for habitation. Ask as well for help with layout design, whether it is best to utilise an open-plan layout or divide the space. Keep in mind that an open-plan layout can provide more functional space, but dividing the space can be beneficial for managing heating and cooling.
Employing a professional with experience in renovating warehouses can help make the most out of the structure’s potential.


Manage the Prep Work

Preparing the warehouse for habitation is critical to the renovation. It is important to manage this preparation during the early stages of the project. Work may include installing proper thermal and acoustic insulation, properly placing a window system, sealing gaps for waterproofing and thermal efficiency, get working plumbing in place, and inspecting the warehouse for structural issues.


Prioritise Your Preferences

At the end of the day, the product of the renovation needs to suit your taste and your lifestyle. Talk to your architect about what you want to see, and if your preferences are possible, your architect should be able to create a design that is centred on your needs.


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