What if You Need to Raise Your Home to Make It Disaster-Proof?

Yes, you can raise your home to improve your property’s ability to withstand environmental hazards like a flood.
What if You Need to Raise Your Home to Make It Disaster-Proof?

If you live in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, you know that extreme weather events and conditions cause almost 95% of the catastrophes happening in the area. This is the reason why we strictly follow building code provisions in Brisbane. As much as possible, we want the homes we design to withstand earthquakes, strong winds, bush fires, and flooding. That way, we ensure the inhabitant’s safety, security, and comfort. One thing you can do is to raise your home. When done right, this improves your property’s ability to withstand environmental hazards.

Preparing for a flood

According to the Brisbane City Council’s website, flooding due to a river and creek overflow, overland flow, king tide, and storm surge is one of the natural disasters that damaged homes in the area. But, this shouldn’t stop you from moving in and settling in areas that are prone to flooding.

What you can do is talk to an architect and learn more about your design options. If your priority is to build a disaster-proof and flood-free home, expect your architect to suggest raising your home.

The ideal architect will prepare all the architectural drawings and help you get engineered plans for your raised home. He/she will help you obtain council approval and building permits. He/she will also help you get competitive quotes from the expert local builders.

In short, a great architect will not only give you designs but will also render his/her services to you. Find an architect or an architecture company like that.

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Check the right height

Most homes in Brisbane’s flood-prone areas are lifted 8.5m above natural ground level. Other locations allow higher posts and pillars. To be sure, double check with your local council. Ask for your architect’s advice as well. He/she may have suggestions based on the land survey he/she possesses.

Prepare the construction timeline and budget breakdown

Raising a house usually takes two to four weeks to complete, longer if the property is huge. Unlike a full-blown renovation, you don’t need to take the furniture out of the house once construction commences. All you need to do is secure everything in place, particularly the breakable items.

The costs are hard to tell as well for it depends on a number of factors. Projects are quoted differently since no two homes are exactly the same. For homeowners who have a tight budget, we recommend managing your build with your designer. Find out all items that you need to invest money on and how much it needs.

Selling your Brisbane home in the future

You should know that raising your home also increases the market value of the property. If you plan to sell the house in the future, we highly recommend that you do this project. A lot of home buyers in Brisbane intend to buy properties that are already elevated.

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