Why Build a Split Level Home on a Sloping Block?

Bought a sloping block? Consider building a split level, bi-level, or tri-level homes there.
split level home on a sloping block 3 Tips for Building Split Level Homes on a Sloping Block in Perth

A lot of people don’t know this, but building a slab home on a sloping block can be difficult, time-consuming, impractical, and costly. It often results in steep driveways and large retaining walls. In some cases, the owner needs to shell more money to reduce the slope of the land until it is suitable for building. Because of these reasons, a building split level home on a sloping block could be a wiser decision. Split level homes can have up to four levels, two to three flights of stairs, and usually designed to suit its location. 

There are a lot of benefits when building a split level home in a sloping block. Here are the biggest advantages of doing so:

It maximises the lot

A split level home, when designed to suit the block of land, will maximise the space available. You can have a large, dreamy backyard without compromising the size of your home. 

It can be more cost effective

If you choose to build a regular home on a steep sloping land, you may need to cut and fill the land to create a level area to build on. Dealing with poor soil and huge rocks makes the process even more complicated. 

You can build more cost effectively when you choose to build a split level home. With the help of a skilled designer, you can lessen the need for excavation and building retaining walls. These two often increase the cost of construction. Take a look at this image: As you can see, plan A and B involves building a slab home on a sloping lot and it involves mass and minor excavation. Plan C and D are better, because there are fewer changes to the land setting.

It offers versatility and design freedom

Split level homes offer unique design opportunities, which is perfect for a family who wants a home that looks different from their neighbours. 

Design wise, split level homes offer a more organised layout. You can put all the bedrooms on one floor and living+dining+kitchen on another level. Creating distinct zones inside the house is beneficial for families with children and seniors. 

It takes advantage of local views

If the block of land you want to build on has a picturesque surroundings, take advantage of it. Build a split level, bi level, or even a tri level home that maximises the views. READ: Why Homes and Buildings Should Maximise Views and Connect with Nature

Everything is easier when working with the experts

Building a split level home on a sloping block is a challenging process, especially for first-time home builders. But, with the help of a specialist in designing and building for sloping block sites, you will lessen your worries and your stress levels

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