5 Good Reasons to Build a Walk-in Shower

We’ve got three words for it: beautiful, enviable, and breathtaking.
5 Good Reasons to Build a Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower is a staple in modern bathrooms for many years now. It creates an illusion of more space. It is practical because all you need to do is walk in. There are no doors to swing or slide to enter the shower. Homeowners love it so much that it’s on top of their renovation wishlist. Some of them even sacrifice the tub to get this one.

So, if you prefer a shower than a soak, a walk-in shower will work for you.

What makes a walk-in shower special?

At Superdraft, we are fans of walk-in showers with fully tiled floors and walls. We design this with a gently sloping floor — no shower trays. We also like to fix a frameless glass in position to shield excess water from running onto the bathroom floor.

Why should you go for this?

Having a walk-in shower comes with a few advantages. Here are the reasons why you should prefer this design:

1. It’s space saving

When your home has a tiny bathroom, and you’re desperate to make it look bigger, we recommend building a walk-in shower. Dismiss the idea of a shower cube — it will make the area appear smaller.

Designer tip:

  • Instead of installing shower trays, consider building a sloping shower floor. Tile the floor and walls using the same tile to hide the slight descend.
  • Unlike a shower cube, a frameless glass divider offers no visual interruption. It makes the bathroom appear bright and open.

2. It’s more accessible

Unlike a traditional shower cube or a shower in a tub, a walk-in shower is easier to use. There’s no door to open, and you don’t need to step in and out of the shower. A feature like this makes any bathroom ideal for the elderly and little children.

Designer tip:

  • If the shower space fits two bathing adults, consider a twin shower design. It is a bathroom design usually found in luxury hotels and spas.
  • To make the bathroom safer, lay textured floors like ceramic tiles. Use the ones with non-slip surfaces because those are less slippery when wet.
  • Install handrails inside the shower too. It helps people with less mobility balance themselves while bathing.

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3. It’s low maintenance

With a walk-in shower, there’s no tub to clean, and there are fewer taps or handles to scrub. There’s minimal cleaning required. Also, most shower glass panels are easy to clean. All you need to do is spray the glass with soapy water and rinse it well to keep it clear and pristine.   

Designer tip:

  • Use frameless glass because less gunk and dirt will accumulate on it.

4. It looks luxurious

If you haven’t noticed it, most bathrooms in mansions are sleek and minimal. Instead of decorating, the designers include luxury features like high-end surfaces, heated floors, heated towel rails, warming lamps, and other expensive amenities. The designers make it look like spas and hotel bathrooms.

Just imagine a walk-in shower with stunning tile work plus some the luxurious features mentioned above. That’s a winning bathroom, and it will increase the resale value of your home. (In case you sell it in the future).

Designer tip:

  • Look for inspirations online or copy the best features of your favourite spa bathroom. Consider the design of the most memorable hotel bathroom you’ve seen.

5. It’s durable

Tubs only last for five to ten years. A walk-in shower lasts longer than that. When you use toughened glass, durable tiles, and tap ware, your walk-in shower will stand the test of time.

Designer tip:

  • Use top quality building materials that look clean and luxurious. Get recommendations from your designer.

Ready to tear down the tub?

Homeowners with small bathrooms sometimes sacrifice the tub to create a walk-in shower. The lucky ones can fit both and don’t need to choose one over the other. But, the best way is to consult a design professional like architects and building designers before you build one. They can help you design the interiors very well.

So, what do you think about walk-in showers? Do you feel like renovating your bathroom interiors and building this one? Tell us in the Comments section below.Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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