Bathe While Looking at Wood in the Bathroom

Do you want wood in the bathroom? It’s possible. Look at this bathroom design.
Wood in the Bathroom

It’s hard to resist the beauty, warmth, looks, and texture of wood. But, water splashes and humidity damage the material. That’s why for the longest time, using it in the bathroom is a big no-no. Well, not today. You don’t have to be afraid to use wood in the bathroom anymore. We’ll show you a bathroom design that didn’t hold back and integrated wood in the bathroom design. In this bathroom, the designers used luxury vinyl planks that look like real wood. As you can see, the differences are very hard to spot! These are high-end and textured — the ones that you’ll be proud to display. Moreover, these are water resistant and immune to damage caused by moisture.

It is super wet room friendly that the designer laid it on the floor, splashback, and shower walls. When you visit the store, you will a bazillion of colours and styles. It’s easy to get lost and confused when you don’t know what you want. It’s best to prepare a colour and material palette before you go to the store, so you know which ones to buy.

In this bathroom, the designer went for the pale, grey-brown wood that looks reclaimed. It’s warm, stylish, and beautiful. It packs a whole lot of character that suits this small bathroom. When you dislike a cold and clinical bathroom, then incorporate wood in the design. Try this design.Other attractive features of this bathroom design:

  1. The shape of the room and layout. All the elements connect seamlessly. There’s no hassle when you travel from one point to another.
  2. The matte black tap-ware that looks ultra-modern. It stands out against the vinyl wood.
  3. The interior style. We featured a Scandinavian bathroom design. It’s simple, straightforward, and functional but never boring.
  4. Smart storage. There’s enough in this bathroom from drawers in the vanity, beside the tub, wall-mounted shelves, and wet clothes hanger.

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Charlene Gonzales

Charlene Gonzales

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