You’ll Swoon Over These Easy Feature Wall Ideas

Have an outdated room that you want to spruce up? A feature wall can add a dramatic flair to that! In this blog, we present to you a few swoon-worthy feature wall ideas that you can use in your bedroom, living area, or home office.
You'll Swoon Over These Easy Feature Wall Ideas

A feature wall can add dramatic flair. These swoon-worthy and easy to recreate feature wall ideas can be used in your bedroom, living area, or home office (or anywhere you’re looking to create a stand-out feature).

Painting a feature wall 

Painting is the easiest and the most affordable way to create a feature wall at home. You can cover an entire wall with a single colour, create stripes or try something artistic. 

Solid colour

If you’ve got limited time, painting a feature wall in a single block colour is a sure-fire way to freshen up a room. 

In this apartment, the designer has splashed a deep burnt orange colour on the feature wall. The playful burst of colour creates a strong visual impact and adds warmth to the room. A high contrast wall like this can also make a fabulous backdrop for art, an oversized clock, wall decor, mirror or a TV.


Creating striped walls can take a little more time than painting a wall with a solid colour. However, stripes work to make the room appear bigger. Horizontal lines can elongate the room while vertical lines can make the ceiling appear higher. 

To create a striped feature wall, you’ll need some painter’s tape, rollers and your chosen colour combinations. Read about this simple DIY project here.

This French provincial inspired living room features beige and white horizontal stripes on the wall. Giving the room an air of luxury and helping to accentuate its French feel.

Special wall design

If you want to turn a dull room into something fabulous, experiment with special effect paints for your feature wall. Dulux Design offers paint that mimics the shine of a pearl or paint that glitters (and other effects). To view the entire collection, click here.

Wallpaper features 

If you want to make a statement – consider trying wallpaper. In this bedroom, the designer has opted to use classic large florals. The bold wallpaper is a perfect fit for this bedroom’s colour scheme and adds depth to the room. Thanks to advanced wallpaper technology, we can now access wallpapers that are super easy to apply and remove – making it easy to change your mind down the track. And if you can’t seem to find the perfect wallpaper for the job, there are also companies that produce custom wallpaper.

Murals on your feature wall 

For a unique personal touch to your room, consider painting a mural on your feature wall. Many homeowners choose murals for a nursery or children’s room in particular. You could use bold colours or paint your child’s favourite characters or scenes on the wall. Here, the designers have custom-painted an ombré bedroom feature wall. Ombré is the blending of colours to create a fading effect. This look starts with the darkest colour at the top, fading to the lightest hue at the bottom of the wall. This effect can take some time, but if you can’t access and artist to help with a mural, it can be a great option if you’d like to try it yourself.
Before you start on your feature wall project 

There are a couple of fool-proof design rules that you can follow:

  1. Make sure that the feature wall is visible as soon as you enter the room.
  2. Are you confused about which wall to turn into an accent? Choose the background of the room’s main furniture. For example, in the bedroom, it’s the wall behind your bed. In the living room, it’s the wall against your couch or TV.
  3. Opt for a solid wall with no windows or doorways in it. 
  4. Never stick wallpaper on a wall near your heater. The heat will damage the wallpaper.

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