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    What happens next?

    After you submit your details, here’s what will happen.

    1 Over the phone consultation

    After you submit your enquiry, one of our Senior Design Consultants will chat with you over the phone or via video call to determine your exact requirements and scope (including what you hope to achieve, what’s important to you, and any advice you may need).

    2 Personalised quote

    We’ll send you a detailed, complimentary design strategy and quote via email for you to review, discuss and approve. Have more questions? You’ll be able to speak to your assigned team member to learn more. Want something changed? We’ll develop a tailored solution to meet your budget. We can even provide you with a free Property Report.

    3 Drafting, designing and building

    Once you’ve approved your quote, all you have to do is pay a deposit, and our team will begin working on your project to deliver quality results in a timely manner.

    4 Complete support from beginning to end

    During the entire project phase, we assign you a project coordinator who is available to ensure your project runs on time and you have an enjoyable experience.

    Keep your project alive
    with ‘contactless' Virtual Design

    Bored at home? Our Virtual Design Service requires no face-to-face contact.

    We’re constantly innovating and finding new ways to help customers build and renovate their dream space, especially for those stuck at home.

    Watch the video to learn more about our ‘contactless’ design and approval experience.


    Design FAQs

    Here’s some questions we receive regularly.

    Absolutely. We offer flexibility and security at the core of each and every design project. You can get started on your dream project immediately, and feel secure in the flexibility of being able to put your project on hold or cancel at any time. If you opt to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund you (less the work completed). Our team is working as normal from home and there are no restrictions on council approvals.

    Feel free to contact one of our experts to find out more.

    Our expert design team will contact you over the phone for your initial design consultation, but we’re more than happy to either correspond virtually or in-person, depending on your preference.

    If you opt for remote, we’re proud to excel at remote design services for any size project. Our Project Tracker App also makes remote correspondence simple, easy and online. We’ve carried out thousands of exciting projects for our clients remotely, all around Australia. We’re proud to have the online team and infrastructure to support ongoing remote communications when we need it most.

    Ready to get started? Just fill out our form to get in touch.

    Fact: Banks are still lending with record low interest rates ready for the taking. Now’s the time to put your dream project into play. Contact your bank today to ask how they can help with financing opportunities.

    When it comes time for the build, as far as we can see there are no major delays to construction projects happening for both residential or commercial projects. Considering that lockdowns have eased considerably, we believe this won’t be an issue.

    You can contact one of our experts to find out more.

    Five reasons
    you should choose us

    1 Quality

    With Australia’s largest team of the best designers, we offer higher quality results and our project support team is always on standby. Check out our reviews online.

    2 Convenience

    As a one stop solution we can coordinate everything required for your project including design, engineering, surveying, approvals, building quotes and more.

    3 Affordable

    We can tailor our fees to suit your budget and we can beat comparable quotes by 5%. Send us your comparable quotes.

    4 Flexible

    Our unique designer switch option means we can assign a different designer to your project if you’re not happy with your original one.

    5 Innovative

    We give you access to our innovative project tracker ‘app’, allowing you to track your project from start to finish and we provide interactive 3D technology as well.

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