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Home extension, bedroom, ensuite, walk in robe

Cat's new master bedroom ensuite

Cat wanted to extend her existing home to build a master ensuite, and she got her desired outcome with the help of Superdraft.

Queenslander renovation

Mark's dream Queenslander home

Mark and his family wanted to create a Queenslander style home that maximised use of space. It involved careful space planning to open up the floor plan and achieve higher ceilings for both the upstairs and downstairs. It took 10 months to complete the new renovation from the start of the design process through to styling and finishing touches. Superdraft commenced working with Mark at the early stages of the project and completed it exactly to his brief. The house is in a great location and the design updates transformed it into the perfect dream home. Mark told us that the experience was very satisfying and he and his family enjoyed the entire building journey.

Modern style renovation facade

David's newly renovated home with a brand new façade

David wanted to renovate his old home at Ashmore, QLD to a modern design style. He hired Superdraft to redesign the home with a brand new look, with a focus on the façade of the home. It was a massive project, we changed every room in the house to reflect a more modern style while meeting David and his family’s requirements. David commented that his experience with Superdraft was highly professional. He had a very pleasant experience with the team and everything ran smoothly from start to finish.

Garage conversion

Chris' ultimate garage conversion

Initially Chris felt his project might be too small for our company and was hesitant to reach out to us. We are so glad he did! We assured Chris that no project is too big or too small for Superdraft as we value them equally. We helped Chris convert his garage into an awesome living studio, keeping him up to date on it’s progress regularly and ensuring we replied to his correspondence within 24 hours. All of our projects receive the same level of treatment - no matter their size.

Home Office Games Room

Doug's backyard office and pool room reno

Doug was looking for a designer who would be easy to work with to design his office/pool room extension. We listened to Doug’s ideas and made suggestions to help improve what he had in mind. By guiding Doug in the right direction with his project, we were able to build a great rapport with him. In turn, Doug found Superdraft to be professional and very approachable.

Garage conversion to man cave

Scott's dream garage conversion

Scott contacted Superdraft for a quote and a rough price guide. We asked him some key questions and we were able to provide Scott with a formal quote within 20 minutes. Within a few short days we met Scott at his home to measure up and draw plans for his garage conversation. Scott commented that he was so glad he chose us as we are very cost-friendly and very quick getting on with tasks!

Contemporary living space with dinning room designs

Michelle's open plan home renovation

Michelle reached out to Superdraft to finish a design project after having a negative experience with another firm. We delved deep into Michelle’s design brief to ensure we had a thorough understanding of the project’s requirements and her families needs. Given the urgency of the project we were able to provide a quick turnaround time for Michelle.

Modern style bedroom

Anita's Queenslander home interior renovation

Anita’s project involved turning a 3 bed, 1 bath Queenslander with a challenging floorplan into a spacious 4 bed, 2 bath home with open plan living, dining and kitchen and great flow without needing to raise and build underneath. One particularly challenging part of the project was fitting in a bathroom, separate toilet, and laundry into a small space. We came up with a solution that not only worked on paper, but in real life too that Anita loved. We also assisted Anita greatly throughout the DA process by liaising directly with the town planning consultant and promptly responding to queries from the council, including updating DA plans. Remaining professional, responsive, and supportive throughout the whole project, we acted as a good sounding board for Anita’s own ideas.

Home renovation entryway

Trina's first major home renovation project

Trina hired Superdraft to draft the CDC plans for a major renovation of their very first home. We got in touch straight away, visited Trina and her husband on Friday and sent the first draft of the plan back on Monday afternoon. Trina advised us that she loved the whole renovation experience because we made it easy by being so responsive and communicating promptly throughout the project.

How long does it take to renovate or build a new house? Modern contemporary home design

Greg's experience with Superdraft as an owner-builder

Greg has held 3 different owner-builder licenses and did much of the work on his present house himself. However, Greg felt he was getting beyond the physical load and not quite up to date with a new building or council requirements. After a long decision-making process, he and his wife entrusted Superdraft to design their new home and manage the process through to the start of the build. Greg informed us that Superdraft gave him the confidence to move forward with his project and knew we would deliver on his detailed brief. He really valued the flexibility we offer and the access to remote design during a Covid lockdown.

Outdoor dining area and alfresco

Melissa's covered outdoor kitchen and dining area

Melissa’s urgently needed an outdoor dining layout for a council submission. We followed her design brief exactly and provided her with a spot-on design with super quick turn-around time. When Melissa needed some changes made, we worked to get the updated plans back to her within the day so she could get the submission back to the council. Melissa was very happy with the service she received and our level of expertise in design.

Front fence design with retaining wall.jpg

Ying's council-approved fence design

Yin was searching for a multilingual draftsman to sketch a fence design in order to get council approval. Due to the specification of the fence design and council requirements, it was helpful for him to be able to communicate with a designer who spoke his language. This meant no time was wasted and eliminated the potential for any misunderstandings due to a language barrier. It took a total of three weeks from initial sign up to approval of final fence design and council submission. Yin chose Superdraft for our competitive price but his critical motivation was our unique multilingual service.

Outdoor deck with swimming pool

Tiff's outdoor reno and deck extension

Tiff was looking for a customer focused business that would be easy to work with. She chose Superdraft to design and manage the extension of her back deck. We guided Tiff and her husband throughout the entire process. Tiff was equally surprised and happy to learn that with Superdraft she would retain the copyright to the drawing plan produced.

Living room extension renovation

William's lovely home extension

Superdraft designed an addition to William’s house that flawlessly complimented the existing design and style of his home. We also matched William to the perfect contractor and coordinated his entire project. We love that William thought we “were a distinct pleasure to work with”.

Dining room renovation open plan dining space

Bin's first home renovation experience

Bin was looking for a draftsperson to create architectural plans for his simple renovation and a friend recommended Superdraft to him. We quickly responded to Bin’s online enquiry and provided him with a very reasonably priced quote. Once Bin accepted the quote and paid the deposit, a designer contacted him immediately and visited his home to conduct a site measure that very same day. We completed Bin’s drawings in a few short days which led to additional project work with him.

Classic style boho style kitchen

Jessica's staged home renovation experience

Jessica engaged Superdraft to assist with her renovation project. It was a big undertaking and Jessica wasn’t able complete the entire reno at once. This wasn’t an issue at all. We focused on finalising her kitchen first and are still working with Jessica on the rest of her home in stages.

open plan design Wooden flooring

Justin explains how cost-efficient Superdraft's services are

Justin was seeking support with turning his dream home design ideas into practical drawings ready for a builder to quote on. Superdraft assisted by further developing Justin’s designs and offered practical ideas to solve space issues. We worked quickly to draw up and amend designs as the project progressed. We also helped in sorting out a BAL matter where the “BAL” assessor didn’t know of or suggest a solution to our client. Justin mentioned that he selected Superdraft as we offered a broader range of service options than other providers, with great support at a cost effective price.

Outdoor dining room with wooden garden furniture set with table and chairs

Kathy's hassle-free experience in building an outdoor room

Superdraft provided expert advice for the design of Kathy’s outdoor area. We helped her make some tough design decisions on determining the best sizing and materials for her project.  Upon completion of Kathy’s project she advised us that our guidance had been extremely valuable. She felt her designer had been very easy to work with and really communicative, making the process as easy as it could be.

Double storey renovation

Bee's second storey home renovation

Bee was initially drawn to Superdraft as we provided a one-stop-shop for her 2nd storey renovation project. From the project design to having builders quote her project, Bee understood we would streamline the entire process. Having all of the correspondence located on our platform made it super easy for Bee to access her designs, plans, emails, invoices etc. Bee commented that she loved the level of knowledge and communication that Superdraft provided.


Samantha's outdoor space with an elevated freestanding deck

Samantha had been planning to do work on her outdoor entertainment area for three years. She had received multiple quotes from competitors but was unsure of exactly what she wanted so did not progress. After reaching out to us we listened to Samantha's ideas and made suggestions that gave her the confidence to proceed with the project. We helped to guide Samantha and made sure she felt comfortable with us by being friendly, positive and creative.

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