3 Benefits of Adaptive Reuse for Building Projects

Australia has a wealth of historic buildings that reflect rich history and extensive changes in culture. As such, Australia has no shortage of restoration projects for heritage buildings and old houses. Many of these restoration projects entail giving buildings an overhaul for adaptive reuse. How can adaptive reuse benefit a building’s developers, occupants, and the community?

The Future of Architecture for Australian Housing

With the rapid growth of urbanisation in Australia, the population’s general idea of Australian housing is changing. More people are renting, and due to a shortage in places to rent, rents are seemingly rising faster than incomes. With this situation in mind, here’s our forecast on the changes we can expect on the overall playing field of Australian city housing.

3 Advantages of Cotton Insulation

Cotton insulation is made from recycled denim strips that are cleaned, broken down into fibres, treated with borates, and rolled into batts. It is a favoured natural insulation material, even among homeowners who give less priority to using sustainable building methods and materials. Here are the three biggest advantages of using cotton insulation in architectural projects.

Superdraft’s Roundup of Bamboo Architecture Examples

Recent years have seen bamboo’s rise in popularity as a construction material. With Australia being home to several types of bamboo, our team reckons that it will not take long before we see a rise in bamboo architecture in Australia. So we look at possible applications of bamboo in architectural projects. Here are some bamboo architecture examples that caught our attention.

Superdraft Project Roundup: Sydney Architecture

With our award winning architecture and drafting services, Superdraft has helped a multitude of homeowners and businesses all over Australia with their architectural needs. Among those needs include cost-effective Sydney architecture. Here are some of the designs that our Sydney architects and building designers have produced.

4 Benefits of Building with Copper

Throughout the years, people have been building with copper and incorporating it into a variety of structures, such as castles, churches, commercial buildings, offices, and homes. It has a number of qualities that make it function as a good building material. Here are a few benefits of building with copper.

Superdraft Project Roundup: Custom Homes

Custom homes are just among the many types of architectural projects that Superdraft has undertaken. Our team has helped many clients build their dream homes. Each custom home tells a different story with unique features that were built to fulfil our clients’ requirements and fit their lifestyles. Here are some custom homes we’ve worked on.

Factors of a Profitable Renovation Project

A renovation project might look easy on television and in magazines, but it requires a ton of research and a lot of work to successfully renovate for profit. There are a handful of factors to consider, other than budget, colour choices, and furniture placement. Here are a few other important aspects of a successful renovation project.