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Superdraft—Your One-Stop Solution for Drafting Services in Australia

At Superdraft, we can take your design from idea through to construction. We’ll start by matching you with a dedicated draftsman that will comprehend the scope of your project, and do all that is necessary to achieve the result you need. Partner with us and you’ll be confident in every step of your drafting process.

Revolutionising Drafting and Design

Superdraft’s one-stop service brings you the best drafting services in Australia right from your home. Our professionals go well beyond the work of a traditional draftsman to provide more efficient and convenient services for you.

The biggest challenge in professional drafting in Australia lies not in creating outstanding designs, but in dealing with each government’s laws and regulations. Superdraft’s platform coordinates with teams of draftsman in Australia who bring to each project creative and innovative minds that also understand the limitations of regulation and how to navigate the permitting process. This ensures that you will likely not experience time-wasting regulatory snags in design and construction.

Trust in the experience gained by Superdraft in designing and drafting over 3,500 projects in seven years. We prove every day why we have the country’s best drafting services. Create your own account in our project coordination app and create your own team of draftsmen suitable to your dream project.

Finally, our expert team of draftsman deals with city planners to get approval for your project. All of this helps you build faster and more efficiently. These are just a few of the reasons why Superdraft is among the industry leaders in Australia when it comes to building design and drafting services.


Local, Practical and Affordable Drafting in Australia

Your dedicated Superdraft support team will help you with the platform with free drafting quotes, and personalised support service with respect to your account. We bring experience, reliability, and timeliness to every project we work on. From technical drafting, residential drafting to online CAD drafting services, with the help of our coordination platform, you can choose the right professional at the right time for your project needs.


Get Quick Council Approval with Superdraft Australia

Communicating the goals behind the new architecture and construction plans is crucial for the success of a project. Your selected draftsman is experienced in articulating plans and intentions with city staff to get projects started with no delay. That’s one of the reasons why we’re the largest project coordination platform that connect you with thousands of architects, building designers, draftsmen, and engineers operating in Australia today.

We connect with the right Drafting Services based out in the following areas:


Gold Coast 






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With all the professionals you need in one place

With all the professionals you need
in one place

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