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Our Virtual Design Service allows for a complete ‘contactless’ design and approval experience.

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Looking for quality Drafting Services in Hobart or Regional Tasmania? Superdraft provides affordable and efficient drafting services in Hobart, Launceston, Port Arthur, Devonport, Burnie, and Regional Tasmania. We work with new homeowners, renovators, property developers, town planners, and residential and commercial builders. Engage us to work hand-in-hand with experienced design professionals from planning to council approval.

Remove the uncertainty that comes with choosing the right Draftsman for your next building project. Superdraft works to match you with the right professional for the job, accessing hundreds of potential Draftsman, with thousands of projects under our belt.

Our services also extend beyond Drafting, where we can help you all the way through to construction and handover. This includes Building Design, Structural Engineering, Surveying, Council Approval, Building Tender, plus more.

Please contact our team on 1300 936 740, to arrange an obligation free design appraisal and estimate.

Work with expert design professionals

Our team of expert draftsmen are knowledgeable in the Australian National Construction code. You can count on them to produce designs that meet your local council’s guidelines in Tasmania. This makes the process of getting council approval and your building permit straightforward and efficient. We also have a dedicated support staff who’s ready to address any of your concerns anytime.

Ready for any residential project

Superdraft’s Hobart draftsman will develop unique home designs that suit your lifestyle and budget. More than that, your matched professional makes sure that the design suits the site. They harness natural light and the cooling breeze, as well as nature’s features and views.

Together, let’s create a comfortable and stylish home that you will love! Whether you’re planning to build a small home or a grand mansion in Hobart, Superdraft can connect you with the right professional to design it.

Experts in designing Multi-Use Developments

Our range of draftsmen are capable of drafting up plans for a multi-unit development project. We can guide you from design planning to acquiring building approvals. Above all, your paired professional can work with any site where you plan to build medium to high-density housing. All this while working within the planning scheme and requirements set in Tasmania.

Hire a Hobart Draftsman for commercial projects

Superdraft possesses a large portfolio of commercial developments completed in the country. We are an established name within the building industry with access to professionals who can design any commercial offices space and warehouse in Tasmania.

To get connected with a local Hobart draftsman or learn more about our drafting services in Hobart, please complete our contact form or call 1300 936 740. Make you vision a reality.

Get matched with Hobart's top drafters

Superdraft matches you to the best-suited project team including designers, draftsmen, engineers, consultants and builders.

Grace L

Building Designer

Merran T

Building Designer

Kanyanta C

Building Designer

Diana A

Building Designer

Matt B

Building Designer

Stella F

Building Designer

Benjamin B

Building Designer

Thousands of super happy customers

  • Cat B

    Cat required a highly experienced senior building designer who understood her vision to extend her existing home. Her design brief included a new Master Suite (master bedroom, with WIR and ensuite).

    Cat was looking for an efficient company who could organise and coordinate with all other consultants required, and wanted the flexibility of owning the copyright to the design and drawings.  She chose Superdraft to help create her vision by providing the building design and the drafting documentation required to obtain approvals, ready for construction.

    Upon completion of her project, Cat advised that she thoroughly enjoyed the whole project planning process with Superdraft. She was surprised at just how easy, simple and cost effective the solution turned out to be. 

  • Mark H


    1. What design outcome were you trying to achieve with your project?

    A. We were trying to renovate our home to achieve a Queenslander style look but traditional yet modern style to the building. We wanted to maximise the space, change the flooring and create more area to the size. The other major and important change was the ceilings in the upstairs and downstairs as well. We wanted a 3.2m ceiling for upstairs and a 2.7m height in the downstairs.

    2. How would you describe your completed project in comparison to your previous design?

    A. It took 10 months to complete the new renovation from styling to finishing the work and we now enjoy living in our dream home.

    3. How would you describe your renovation experience with Superdraft?

    A. Superdraft was at its early stages during the project but they finished the project to exactly what we needed. Overall, the experience was very satisfying and we enjoyed the entire building journey.

    4. What is it like living in your new dream space?

    A. The home is in a great location and with added changes to it gave us a perfect dream home.

  • David G

    We wanted to renovate our old home at Ashmore, QLD to a modern design style. We hired Superdraft for the project to give our home a brand new look in particularly the frontage of the home.

    It was a massive project, we wanted to change every room in the house to give a more modern style and to our requirements.

    Our experience with Superdraft has been very professional and we had a very pleasant experience with the team.

    Overall, we had a very good experience and everything went smooth and from the start till finish.

  • Chris L

    Awesome Company to work with!!

    We thought our plans to convert our Garage to Living Studio, would be to simple for any professional company. However, Darius, our drafter has been super professional and easy to work with.

    He probably does a big project, and I thought he wouldn’t take our job too seriously. But I was completely wrong. He did a great job and cared for our little project.

    The follow-up system from Superdraft has been consistent and replies to my email within 24 hours.

    Would definitely recommend this company for any plans you have.

  • Doug M

    Edson was easy to work with in designing our office/poolroom extension, he listens to your ideas and makes suggestions that improve what you may have in mind.

    He is very professional with an easy rapport, very approachable. I would be happy to recommend him to others that were considering similar projects.

    Edson was easy to work with in designing our office/poolroom extension, he listens to your ideas and makes suggestions that improve what you may have in mind.

    He is very professional with an easy rapport, very approachable.

    I would be happy to recommend him to others that were considering similar projects.

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