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Award-winning Drafting Solution in Perth and WA

Enjoy high quality Building Design and Drafting Services in Perth at affordable prices. Connect with the top draftsmen in Perth who have vast knowledge in local council approvals. Sign up for free to gain access to the network of top Draftsmen.

Having coordinated thousands of Building Design projects each year, our app lets you access hundreds of Draftsmen to help with your design. You’ll be matched with a local, reliable Perth Draftsman who can assist with any type of residential or commercial project – including anything from new home design, house renovations, to multi-unit developments, commercial fit-outs, and others.

Superdraft’s new project coordination platform helps you connect with services beyond Drafting, providing a complete solution for all Building needs including Building Design, 3D visualisation, Surveying, Council Approval, Building Tender, plus more.

Sign up for your free account to draft your next building project and see for yourself the difference in service, quality and price, and experience.

Bring your building to life with expert drafting in Perth

Every building starts with an idea. Whether it is a home renovation or a shopping mall, your vision is what creates the project and drives it forward to completion. But for your idea to become a reality, it needs the services of an expert drafting professional.

Our platform helps you connect with Australia’s most experienced building designers to ensure every vision can be transformed into a workable building design. Gain access to a network of top draftsman in Perth, who will take the time to get to know you and understand your needs precisely before drawing up the plans that will bring your building to life.

Through technical sketches, scaled plans and 3D models, you can see your building project taking shape, with the opportunity to give your input every step of the way.

Your building will be specifically designed to meet your unique needs, with its looks, structure, and functionality are all taken care of by the transparency and ease of use of our app. 

A full range of residential and commercial drafting services in Perth

Stay connected with Perth’s top Drafters who specialise in bringing ideas to life that are up to your needs, if you’re looking to build a new home, commercial building, retail facility, or even work on house extensions.

With a full-time project support team on standby, we are committed to ensuring the projects our customers coordinate through the project dashboard, run as smoothly as possible, and we regularly survey our clients and designers to get live performance feedback. Meanwhile, our IT department is continually developing our project app and interactive 3D technologies, to provide our clients with world-class services and tools.

If you’re looking for Building Designers, Draftsman, Engineers or Builders locally n Perth for your project, sign up to get started & get your free design quote, or call Superdraft today on 1300 936 740.

Get quotes and get matched with the right draftsman

Our designer match technology matches you with a selection of carefully screened drafting & design professionals, who have the ideal expertise for your project, and will work to your project brief and budget.

With our build tender service, we will take your plans to multiple local builders to quote, making sure you get the best value and inclusions for your build.


Coordinate your drafting team in one easy platform

Our free project coordination platform allows you to plan, design and build your project in one place. Our planning section gives all the helpful tips, guides and inspiration you need. Get planning today!

Easily navigate through your project dashboard, communicate with team members, and store quotes, plans and invoices, all in one place. The project timeline tracks progress, and informs you what's next.

With all the professionals you need in one place

With all the professionals you need
in one place

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