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What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering involves designing an efficient and effective infrastructure that is cost-effective and innovative in design. Below are a few of its sub-disciplines that are vital for your project.

Structural Engineering:

It is a branch in civil engineering that specialises mainly in the framework of structures making sure the design of the building is safe, stable, and secure throughout their lifetime and can withstand the pressure and stress of their surrounding environment. Structural engineers play a very pivotal role in maintaining the structural integrity of the building and making sure it is designed to last for a lifetime.

Residential Engineering:

Residential Engineers play a pivotal role in ensuring that the construction work of your project is carried out according to the design plans and is on time, cost and quality. Below are a few are the services that residential engineers are responsible for:

  • Designing solutions for foundation systems, footings, and ground slabs.
  • Managing construction staff and ensuring they are done according to the design plans.
  • Swimming pool designs
  • Procuring required construction materials
  • Technical documentation and reports on construction.

Geotechnical Engineering:

A branch of civil engineering that mainly focuses on the engineering behavior of earth materials which includes natural rock and soil but also man-made materials such as concrete, manufactured stones & compacted soil fills. 

The main task of geotechnical engineers is to investigate the physical properties of the rock and soil to design required earthworks and project foundations. It also involves testing the soil samples to ground construction through compaction testing. A geotechnical engineer’s main focus also includes devising an efficient ground treatment solution based on the conditions of the earth’s materials.

Who is a Residential Structural Engineer?

Residential structural engineers are licensed professionals who ensure that your home is structurally sound when built or renovated and is safe and strong to withstand the environment. A Structural Engineer’s main responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing blueprints of the structure and geological data.
  • Estimating the quantity of equipment, materials that are required along with the estimated cost.
  • Conducting load and grade requirement analysis and stress factors of the materials according to the design specifications.
  • Analysing traffic patterns and environmental study to determine potential problems for the project.
  • Structural Engineering also involves design review process to review building plans and to note any potential issues. 

When do I need a Structural Engineer?

Homeowners taking on a simple renovation or new home projects might not need the assistance of a structural engineer. If your new home or renovation project involves any of the following, you are in need of a structural engineer:

  • Unique, complicated designs
  • Tearing down loadbearing interior walls
  • Door and window placement modifications
  • Home extensions (vertical and horizontal)
  • Loft conversion
  • Solar panel installation
  • Building or removing reinforced concrete columns
  • Earth retaining walls
  • Building in cyclone-prone areas
  • Building on sloping sites 
  • Building on poor, soft, or clay soil
  • Steel floor beams 
  • Roof girders
  • Suspended concrete slabs

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How Can Superdraft Help You?

Superdraft’s project coordination platform helps organise and coordinate with any engineers and other consultants you require for engineering in your project. 

When you are ready to start your dream project using the Superdraft project coordination platform, one of our Project Support team member will aid you by assessing your project requirements and connecting you with the right structural engineer suitable for your project. We will also help you by connecting you with the best engineers, surveyors, certifiers and coordinate till the completion of the project. 

To get started we can provide you with a free quote for your project. Start planning your dream project today!

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