How long is my license valid for?

Your license is unlimited and once you come on board as a Superdraft Licensee you are a part of the Superdraft Team and plugged into our system and will continue to receive projects for as long as you are meeting service level requirements and you won’t have to pay any additional fees or charges.

How much work can you guarantee me?

You must do your research and due diligence into the SD system and be confident that you are investing into a proven and valuable arrangement and be comfortable in committing to a long term partnership with us. We are happy to assist in this due diligence by showing you our system, clients and projects. Like any business decision, you must make an informed decision and take that leap of faith.

Although no exact amount of work is guaranteed, what we can guarantee is that we only bring on more designers to handle the demand of the companies current workflow and when our current designers are unable to handle the current workload.

Superdraft has also experienced a continuous growth of 100% year on year sustained for the past 4 years and set to continue in the years to come.

If Superdraft is to place a ‘guarantee’ within the contract the value of the license will be over $100,000.

What type of projects will I receive?

Superdraft handles a wide range of projects ranging from renovations, new homes, unit developments, commercial fit-outs, mixed use developments and multi-res developments.

Depending on your experience in each field will determine what type of projects you will be receiving.

How much money will I receive for each project?

You will be offered fixed fees to complete a specific scope of works. The fee for each project will vary depending on scope and size of the project.

We work as a ‘team’ with our partnered designers and we adjust fees to ensure everyone is getting paid a fair fee and we are keeping in line with current market rates. Again we need our designers to be happy for our business to succeed.

It is counter intuitive to not pay our designers enough as it will result in our designers cutting corners and encourage our designers to prioritize their projects from other sources that will pay more.

We are constantly adjusting our prices with clients to ensure our designers are being paid fairly, however not overcharging and being out-priced by the market.

Can I view the Superdraft System prior to signing up?

You will be able to view our system and see how it works in detail prior to signing up in order for your due diligence to be concluded. You may be required to sign an NDA first.

What agreement do I need to sign?

Prior to coming on board you will need to sign the licensed contractor agreement.

In order for the Superdraft system to remain secure and strong for the benefit of all designers who have subscribed to it, we must have a very strong and secure agreement in place which covers all potential conflicts which may arise. Inherently this means that the agreement is seemingly in favour of the Licensor (Superdraft) however it of course must be in order to protect it – for all concerned including our designers. If Superdraft is compromised by one of our designers because of a flaw or loophole then it could potentially bring down the whole system and all of our designers would be affected. If Superdraft is secure, then all our designers will be too.

How can I receive breach notices?

Our intent is to build a close relationship and level of trust with the Licensee and do not intend to cause any grief or issue any breach notices unless absolutely necessary.

We need the licensee happy and working well in order for our business to succeed so it is counter intuitive for us to damage or end the relationship (License). We will do everything in our power to make sure the relationship is sustained, fair and strong.