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What is Interior Home Design and why is it important?

Interior home design is the practice of crafting the form, functionality and atmosphere of an interior environment to enhance the users experience. 

Merging science with creativity and innovation, interior home design addresses human behaviour, ergonomics, aesthetics and health and safety to create functional spaces that are visually pleasing, and improve the wellbeing of the occupant/s of the home. 

Good interior home design develops a space so that it can reach its full potential. It also plays the vital role of ensuring a project can be brought to life while meeting design requirements.

What does an Interior Designer do?

An interior designer interpets, analyses, assesses a client’s needs, the way they live and their design goals to create a cohesive design solution that is specific to their project. They are responsible for creating efficient space planning layouts, sketches and design documents to reflect these needs and goals. 

A designer will consider every major and minor detail within a home including designing custom joinery or furniture, selecting colour palettes, fit-for purpose materials and finishes, lighting, window treatments, fixtures, fittings and equipment. They are specialised in kitchen and bathroom renovations and can assist with making structural changes, or the remodelling of a home. As such, adhering to Australian standards and ensuring designs are building code compliant is also a key responsibility.

Interior designers can also provide project coordination services, cost your project, work to an established budget, place product orders and manage the entire design process from concept to completion effectively, efficiently.

How Can Superdraft Help You?

Superdraft helps you connect with the right interior home design expert suitable for your project.

When you are ready to start your dream project using the Superdraft project coordination platform, one of our Project Support member aid you by assessing your project requirements and connecting you with the right interior designers suitable for your project. 

We will also help you by connecting you with the best engineers, draftsmen, building designers and coordinate with you till the completion of the project. 

To get started we can provide you with a free quote for your project. Start planning your dream project today!

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