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      We will do preliminary local codes and council regulations checks to determine exactly what you can and can not do on your property.

      We will travel to your property and sit down and work out exactly what you're hoping to achieve. This includes a full review of your ideas and your block of land so we know what makes it special and unique.

      We will provide you professional design advice and work with you to help bring clarity to the vision you have for your project and what you are trying to achieve.

      We will clearly explain the steps involved to get exactly what you want without the stress plus answer all your questions.

      If you are happy with our initial design consultation we can discuss if you'd like to become a client and move to the design and drafting stage. There is no obligation.
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Terms & Conditions: By making payment infers acceptance of the Superdraft Standard Terms and Conditions which can be found at terms and conditions. Please ensure you read and understand these terms and conditions before proceeding. The selected day and time slot is only a request and is subject to availability which will be confirmed by our team within 24hrs of your booking. Your fee is non-refundable, unless we are unable to meet your nominated booking day and time or if your project is outside of our service area. If your project is outside of our service area, we may need to adjust your fee to allow for the extra travel time. Please note that if you want any specific questions answered, that you ask them during your onsite design consultation with our designer. Thank you.

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