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How it Works

1. We Get Leads

We invest millions per year into marketing to generate thousands of inquiries for a variety of new projects that we help win on your behalf.

2. We Promote You

We promote you as the partner builder and offer you projects to quote with a much higher chance of winning

3. You Engage The Client

You engage the client directly and carry out the project commissioning as you would normally

4. We Take a Small Commission

You will invoice the client directly as per your payment terms, and Superdraft will request a small commission payment once your quote is successful.

1 BIG Reason to Join


We will turbo-charge your current business

Superdraft, as one of Australia’s leading Architectural Design and Drafting companies, wins thousands of quality projects each year around the country. Each week, more than 4000 people in the process of building a new home, renovation or development make contact with us. This means we have a huge flow of quality building projects in our hands and we can promote you as our building Partner. It’s through this close partnership that we can help boost your sales each year by helping you win more projects than you would on your own.

3 More Reasons to Join


Have exclusive access to our Project Management Dashboard

that provides complete transparency on the project for both the client and the consultants (everyone involved). You will get access to our list of active projects where our clients have already expressed interest that they are wanting a construction quote from our Partner Builders


You are still able to carry on and grow your existing construction business as normal

and we will help support you grow.


Be a part of an innovative company that is also one of the fastest growing companies within Australia

and this growth will be passed onto you.

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