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How it Works

1. Marketing & Sales

We invest millions per year into marketing to generate thousands of inquiries for a variety of new projects that we help win on your behalf.

2. Offer you Project

We offer you a project to quote on that you can either Accept or Reject.

3. Project Delivery

You liaise with the client direct, and carry out the scope of works for the project as you typically would through your own business.

4. Invoicing

You will invoice the client direct as per your payment terms, and you will pay Superdraft a small Client Engagement Service Fee only once your quote is successful.

7 big reasons to partner with Superdraft.


We will turbo-charge your current business

and ensure you have a constant flow of well paid local projects and provide security. We will also be promoting your company profile and portfolio on our website which receives over 200,000 unique visitors every year (growing 100% p.a), most of which are looking to start their project straight away


Have exclusive access to our Project Management Dashboard

that provides complete transparency on the project for both the client and the consultants (everyone involved). You will get access to our list of active projects where our clients have already expressed interest that they are wanting a construction quote from our Partner Builders


Focus more of your time on your core business

as Superdraft assists with marketing, sales and getting client engagement.


Full training and support

where you will receive training from our award winning team who will show you how to maximise your efficiency and grow your business.


You are still able to carry on and grow your existing construction business as normal

and we will form the back-bone of your business and help support you grow.


Be a part of an innovative company that is also one of the fastest growing companies within Australia

and this growth will be passed onto you.


Guaranteed ROI (Return on Investment)

within the first 12 months or your money back.

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