Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design

Sustainable, energy efficient design is the key to building a smart, modern home

Superdraft has everything you need to design and build your own smart, sustainable home which can save you thousands on construction costs and running costs and provide a more comfortable living space.

Why is sustainable, energy efficient design important?

1. Cost Savings.

Energy efficient, sustainable design can prevent the need for expensive heating and cooling systems saving you money during construction and also for the life of the home.

2. Comfortable Living.

Homes that incorporate an energy efficient design are designed specifically for their site and their climate which ensures that they maintain a comfortable temperature year round without being reliant on air conditioning.

3. Healthier Home.

Green homes have a healthier indoor air quality due to improved natural light and ventilation. This can be further improved by specifying Low Voc materials during construction.

How does a sustainable, energy efficient design save me money?

Energy efficient homes cost less to run year on year when compared to less efficient homes. The best way to improve the efficiency of your home is to incorporate Passive Solar Design in your design right from the start.

Passive Solar Design uses a combination of smart window placement, window sizing, shading and thermal mass to control the internal temperatures of the home without the need for air conditioning.

What is involved in creating an energy efficient, sustainable design?

When you contract Superdraft to design you new green home we bring our Sustainable Design Manager into your project from the very beginning to ensure that you get the best design for your site and climate.

Our Sustainable Design Manager will work closely with your designer to ensure that there is just the right balance of passive solar design.

A preliminary energy rating will be provided early during the design phase to ensure that your design is on the right track to meet or surpass the energy rating requirements.

A final energy report is also provided for your home when required for certification.

How can I work with Superdraft to design a more efficient home?

Designing an energy efficient, sustainable home or renovation with Superdraft is simple, just contact us for a free quote.

Save money on your construction costs!

By incorporating sustainable design and energy efficiency into your design from the start of your project it is easier to firm up your construction costs. When you leave your energy efficiency reporting until the end of your design process you may be left with unexpected costs associated with expensive glazing, additional shading, and extra insulation.

Designing a green home avoids all of these additional costs by building adequate shading controls, thermal mass and optimal window design into your design from the beginning.

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