Surveys and Measure Ups

Feature Land Surveys & Subdivisions for Renovations, New Homes & Developments

Superdraft can help organise and co-ordinate with any surveyors and other consultants you require for any surveying needs in your project as part of our service.

For all projects, Superdraft will be able to hold your hand throughout your project and guide you in the right direction by organising quotes and co-ordinating with engineers, surveyors, certifiers etc. We are able to get competitive quotes due to our Nationwide volume of work which can save you thousands overall.

Superdraft can help organise the following Surveying Solutions:

  • Feature Surveys – For use in council applications and architectural design for new buildings, renovations, extensions and fences.
  • Measure Ups – for creating accurate floor plans of existing as-built conditions.
  • 3D Scanning – for creating a 3D model of your existing property for use in 3D Design Processes.

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