Dear customers,

I would like to extend my appreciation to you for considering Superdraft to help plan your next project during the COVID-19 lockdowns. I can assure you that Superdraft is very much open for business and we are thankful to be fully operational during this crisis and able to assist those in less-fortunate positions.

Knowing that many people are wary of face-to-face contact right now, we have released low-cost design and drafting packages which can be easily delivered remotely to our clients. We also offer a service guarantee which ensures that you have flexibility and security for the life of your project. If you want to stop for whatever reason – no problem. If you want to upgrade from your original scope then we can do that too.

We excel at coordinating projects remotely online to a high standard and this continues to assist us during the current global shift to remote and online services. Our multi-award-winning success is driven by the fact we have Australia’s largest team of the best designers, engineers, consultants and builders – and we all work remotely. We supply all customers with an easy to use web-based project tracking app and we support you throughout the entire process with a dedicated project support team. There’s no need for you to meet anyone face-to-face as we’ve developed world-class digital systems to handle our projects remotely.

I firmly believe that now is the best time to start your home project. Not only will you have access to our record-low rates for design and drafting but also the lowest interest rates we’ve ever seen and record low construction build costs too. Good service providers are actively lowering their fees right now and that presents a fantastic opportunity for smart and savvy customers just like you.

Our Superdraft design consultants are ready and waiting to provide free advice and quotes for planning your next project no matter how large or small. You can reach our design consultants for free on 1300 936 740 or complete our quote form below.

I would like to thank you again for considering our very hardworking, innovative and genuine Aussie team to help plan your next project. It’s important to come together when times are tough, and together, we can help bring your dream space to life.

Best regards,

Jake Robinson. Founder, CEO

Keep your project alive with 'contactless' Virtual Design

Superdraft is constantly innovating and finding new ways to help customers build and renovate their dream space, especially for those stuck in lock down.

Our Virtual Design Service allows for a complete ‘contactless’ design and approval experience.

Watch this video to learn more

Here's what our customers are asking us right now

We offer flexibility and security at the core of each and every project. You can still plan for your dream home today in order to get ahead of the inevitable waitlist that is anticipating the moment businesses return to normal in the future. You can also put your project on hold or cancel at any time. If you opt to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund you (less the work completed). Our team is still working as normal from home and there are no restrictions on council approvals at this stage. It’s unlikely council restrictions will occur in Australia now given the virus is being managed well.

Superdraft excels at remote design services for any size project. We created our Project Tracker App to make remote correspondence simple, easy and online. Superdraft has always carried out a number of exciting projects for our clients remotely, all around Australia. Remote correspondence has always been simple thanks to our app, and we’re proud to have the online team and infrastructure to support ongoing remote communications when we need it most.

Thankfully we have a great network of some of the most reputable and trusted builders around Australia who we’ve carefully vetted to help protect you. You are also protected by Australian building laws and regulations where you’ll typically only pay progress payments retrospectively to the work being completed. This means that you’ll only ever have to pay for construction work once the work is done. Banks typically won’t release your money to the builder until they have also inspected the work to ensure it has been completed to a satisfactory standard. 

When it comes time for the build, as far as we can see there is no major delays to construction projects happening for both residential or commercial projects and considering that lockdowns are easing we believe this will not be a major issue. 

Fact: Banks are still lending with record low interest rates ready for the taking. Now’s the time to put your dream project into play. Contact your bank today to ask how they can help with financing opportunities.

Other than land surveys and site measure-ups, all design work can be carried out remotely via phone and video conferencing. This is why we can continue operating as usual and take on new dream projects like yours. If you don’t want anyone attending your site for a measure-up, then no worries. We have put together an easy D.I.Y site measure guide to allow you to do this yourself, saving you money at the same time. We also offer packages that don’t require any face-to-face contact and can be done 100% remotely to keep your project moving forward.

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